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All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Despite Security Fears and Digital Transformation, the Cloud Journey Continues

Sep 22 by George V. Hulme

Many enterprises today are deeply entrenched in their digital transformation efforts, so that their business can best leverage digital technologies to compete and grow. According to a recent survey conducted by IDC for Unisys, 72% of enterprises believe that it is critical or very important for an organization to modify IT processes and resources to support a digital business model.

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Gartner warns CIOs of attacks of IoT devices that might compromise corporate networks

Sep 20 by Razvan Muresan

By the end of the decade, Internet of Things (IoT) devices will outnumber users with laptops, tablets or smartphones by more than three times, research and advisory firm Gartner predicts. From the total of 21 billion of IoT devices that will be in use worldwide, nearly 6 percent will be used for industrial IoT applications.

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Ransomware victims in the US urged to report infections, FBI warns

Sep 19 by Razvan Muresan

The FBI urges victims to report ransomware incidents to federal law enforcement to help authorities gain a more comprehensive view of the current threat and its impact on U.S. victims.

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The Three Big Security Trends to Drive Enterprise Spend Through 2020

Sep 16 by George V. Hulme

Rapid enterprise adoption of cloud computing, mobile, and IoT is transforming how enterprises invest in enterprise security. According to a report issued earlier this year, the information security market will reach a staggering $170 billion in five years, from its current $100 billion.

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The Value Beyond the Hype: Applying Machine Learning in APT Detection

Sep 15 by Dragos Gavrilut

Advanced Persistent Threats are the plague of enterprise security, crippling businesses and IT careers through costly data breaches and massive losses. They routinely evade traditional security systems and steal confidential corporate information without a trace.

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Public Sector Remains a High Target for Cyber Espionage, Nation State Attacks

Sep 14 by Bogdan Botezatu

Government agencies are no strangers to hacker attacks. Some of the biggest and most well-publicized breaches in recent years have come against public sector organizations—despite ongoing efforts to bolster the cyber security of agencies that have a huge impact on the lives of many citizens worldwide.

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Ten tips to avoid your company becoming ransomware’s next victim

Sep 06 by Razvan Muresan

Ransomware, the most prolific cyber threat of the moment, gains foothold in organizations and companies via file-sharing networks, e-mail attachments, malicious links or compromised websites that allow direct downloads. The first quarter of 2016 saw 3,500% growth in the number of ransomware domains created, setting a new record.

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German wire supplier Leoni loses €40m in email impersonation scam

Aug 31 by Razvan Muresan

Leoni AG, a Germany-based supplier of wires, cables and wiring systems, has fallen victim to fraud with the help of falsified documents and identities and the use of electronic communication channels, the company has announced. As a result, company funds were transferred to accounts abroad.

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Technology Providers Grapple with Ongoing Threats to Data Security

Aug 29 by Bogdan Botezatu

Information technology companies are especially aware of the need for strong cyber security, given that their products and services are an integral part of why security measures are needed in the first place.

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Half of companies unnecessarily grant employees more access than needed

Aug 26 by Razvan Muresan

Although insider leaks and attacks continue to multiply, recent research found 58 percent of IT operations and security managers believe their organizations unnecessarily grant access to individuals beyond their roles, with 91 percent predicting the risk of insider threats will grow or stay the same.

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Cloud use increases attack surface up to 100-fold; companies fail to keep up with flood of threats

Aug 24 by Razvan Muresan

Companies’ attackable surface area has increased by a factor of two to 100 times as CIOs have started migrating corporate information from traditional data centers to a cloud infrastructure, boosting server workloads, according to a recent research.

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Practical steps for strengthening your company's password rules

Aug 23 by Graham Cluley

Passwords are a perennial problem.

We rely so much on them to secure our company systems, our secrets, our customers’ private information… and yet we typically leave it in the hands of our users to choose their passwords safely.

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