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Financial Sector Business Leaders Targeted by Cyberattacks from India

May 29 by Silviu Stahie

Companies in financial services, consulting and healthcare, along with business leaders, have been targeted by hackers from India using accounts spoofing the World Health Organization (WHO). 

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Enemy Unseen – Part I: How the Dark Web is Shaping Cybercrime

May 29 by Andrei Pisau

While public safety measures have started to relax, the surge of malware accompanying the pandemic is still making headlines. As a recent study points out, hackers have created no less than 130 000 new e-mail domains related to Covid-19 to carry out what analysts now call ”fearware” attacks.

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Executives Bypass Security Protocols for Fear IT Admins Might Peek into Their Private Lives

May 29 by Filip Truta

A point of tension between business leaders and IT departments is exposing organizations to security risks. New research shows that executives are pressuring IT administrators to ease off on security protocols when it comes to their devices, fearful that they might expose their personal lives but also because they find obeying security standards a hassle.

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84% of Businesses Are Likely to Expand WFH Ability Despite Security Risks. Is Remote Work Becoming the New Normal?

May 28 by Alina Bizga

Despite the downsides of replacing on-premise work with remote work, 84% of companies anticipate a consistent expansion of remote work practices, according to a 2020 Remote Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Report published earlier this week.

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Law firm: Phishing Still Top Cause of Data Security Incidents

May 28 by George V. Hulme

In its sixth annual Data Security Incident Response (DSIR) Report, BakerHostetler found that phishing attacks ranked as the leading cause of data incidents among the 959 cybersecurity incidents the law firm helped clients manage last year. This is the fifth year in a row phishing proved to be the top cause of data security incidents in the law firm’s report.

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Secure Your IoT Devices, Hackers Are Coming for Them

May 27 by Silviu Stahie

Our homes are littered with Internet of Things (IoT) devices, even if we might not be aware that they fall into that category. Left unattended, unpatched or unprotected, they are just waiting to be taken over by malicious actors who can use them in numerous nefarious ways. We can now take a closer look at the most vulnerable devices and at what constitutes a threat in the home or business IoT ecosystem.

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Price of Access to Corporate Networks on the Dark Web Went Up in 2020

May 26 by Silviu Stahie

Access to company networks is sold on the dark web, and the latest research indicates that it’s a growing business, with advertisements for this type of illegal access increasing by 69% in Q1 2020 compared with the Q4 2019. 

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Better business days to follow – our channel partners confirm it

May 25 by Andrada Georgescu

We’ve faced life-altering changes over the past few months, and many of us are still learning to cope. The COVID-19 pandemic has also changed the way we do business. After all this disruption, we wanted to take a close look at how our channel partners are doing, so we asked them how the pandemic is influencing their businesses in general. Our project, called Special Bitdefender Research, ran throughout the month of April, giving all our partners worldwide the chance to share their opinion.

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Companies Overwhelmingly Expect Security Risks from Work-from-Home Employees, Survey Shows

May 25 by Silviu Stahie

Many companies rushed to provide their employees with a procedure to work from home, leading to a drastic increase in cyber risks that could directly affect the business, according to a new survey from HiveIO. 

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Growing Threat of Destructive Attacks is One of the Top Cyber Risks Organizations Face

May 25 by Bob Violino

At a time of technological transformation and “cyber everywhere”, the attack surface for organizations is exponentially growing and cyber criminals are going after operational systems and backup capabilities simultaneously in highly sophisticated ways—leading to enterprise-wide destructive cyber attacks.

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Data Breaches and Security Incidents Surged to Record High in 2019, Verizon Report Shows

May 22 by Silviu Stahie

Security incidents and confirmed data breaches jumped to a record high in 2019, according to the 2020 Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report, which covers 16 industries. 

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The Link Between IoT Botnets and the ' 'ISP's Unpreparedness

May 21 by Silviu Stahie

For the past few years, IoT botnets have set new standards in DDoS attacks. From the notorious Mirai incident in September 2016 that broke the US Internet to ' 'GitHub's record-breaking 1.3 Tbps attack in 2018, cyber-criminals have been constantly trying to outdo themselves. And vulnerable devices in the Internet of Things are surely lending a helping hand. The role of the Internet of Things (IoT) botnets in denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks has been increasing steadily in the past few years.

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