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More than Half of CIOs Suspect Their Mobile Workers Have Been Hacked in the Past 12 Months

Apr 03 by Filip Truta

Mobility is central to today’s business environment, enabling workers to bring their own devices and connect from remote locations to the company network. However, this practice opens the door to hackers, and CIOs in the United States and Europe are well aware of this.

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One in five companies will replace physical access cards with smartphones by 2020, Gartner predicts

Jan 18 by Razvan Muresan

Some 20 percent of organizations will use smartphones instead of physical access cards by 2020, according to a report by advisory company Gartner.

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FDA Prescribes Safer Path for Connected Medical Devices

Jan 04 by George V. Hulme

The U.S. Government has taken steps it hopes will better protect the users of medical devices, such as pacemakers and insulin pumps, from cyberattacks. For years now the risks of connected medical devices have been demonstrated and well-known. It’s an area we’ve covered here for some time.  

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Desktops are the most popular corporate devices among businesses, corporate mobile devices still not widespread, Gartner says

Dec 07 by Razvan Muresan

Mobile device adoption in the workplace is not yet mature, found a recent survey from the advisory company Gartner. Four in five of workers surveyed by Gartner received one or more corporate-issued devices, but desktops are still the most popular corporate device among businesses, with more than half of workers receiving corporate-issued desktop PCs.

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IoT - powered DDoS attacks and SCADA incidents will make top security headlines in 2017, Bitdefender predicts

Dec 06 by Bogdan Botezatu

Bitdefender experts predict a marked rise in IoT attacks against individuals and companies alike, continuing trouble with encrypting ransomware, IoT botnets, adware and the revival of darknet markets for illegal goods and services.

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Insecure IoT Devices find their way on Enterprise Networks

Nov 24 by George V. Hulme

When the topic of IoT security comes up, it’s often considered a consumer security issue – fancy controllable houselights, baby monitors, home security systems, and anything else that can be networked. That’s a mistake and IoT devices are certainly marching onto the enterprise. Earlier this week Zscaler published results that took a look at IoT security, and they found a number of enterprise devices were comprised, as well as a number of other startling results.

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We need IoT security standards, and we need them now!

Nov 17 by Luana Pascu

Could IoT be missing the mark? To get real value out of this technology, companies and even governments have to come up with standards and a coherent plan to let smart devices improve our lives as they are meant to. Right now, the industry is acting irresponsibly by only focusing on user experience to steal a march upon their competitors.

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German companies more ready to implement digital, IoT solutions than US counterparts

Jul 05 by Razvan Muresan

German companies are off to a faster start in implementing digital and internet of things solutions despite the common perception that US companies are front-runners in embracing digital transformation, recent survey shows.

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Enterprise IoT Adoption Challenges to be Met by Collective Effort

Jun 29 by Liviu Arsene

IoT adoption has been predicted to increase 50 percent in 2016, although it widely varies by industry. While some industries, such as utilities, oil and gas, and manufacturing, are highly responsive in terms of adoption, others don’t even have a plan to implement IoT, Gartner estimates.

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IoT Impact and Evolution in the Next Decade

Jun 13 by Liviu Arsene

Some of the most beneficial IoT implementations on the market relate to sensors and smart devices designed to reduce operational costs and improve productivity and processes. Perhaps some of the most obvious benefits of IoT solutions apply to industrial systems that have addoped sensors for getting live telemetry from critical systems. However, while IoT solutions can have obvious benefits and bring about significant progress, security concerns should not be dismissed.

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Companies Piling up Bitcoins for Cyber-extortionists - Is this Defeat?

Jun 10 by Alexandra Gheorghe

It seems UK businesses are raising a white flag to online extortionists. One in three medium to large businesses is stocking up on Bitcoins to prepare to pay ransom in a ransomware attack, according to  new research by Citrix.

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‘Is this data mine?’ How to answer this honest question in data breach verification

Jun 08 by Alexandra Gheorghe

Established companies like LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace are being run through the mill because of old security breaches that recently surfaced on the web. From a victim’s perspective, mitigation starts with a password reset, but what’s happening on the corporate side? How should companies react in full breach era to clean up the mess and regain clients’ credibility?

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