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Not Planning for SMAC? Maybe You Should Be

Aug 12 by Robert Krauss

As a managed services provider (MSP) or value-added reseller (VAR), you’re no doubt keenly aware of some of the hottest trends in IT today: the increasing popularity of social media, the growth of mobile technology in the enterprise, the rising emphasis on analytics and big data, and the continuing move to cloud services.

Each of these areas alone has the potential to have a huge impact on IT strategies at organizations. But these technologies don’t operate in a vacuum, and in fact some companies are beginning to look into the concept of creating SMAC (social, mobile, analytics and cloud) platforms.

While few vendors are yet offering such platforms, the idea is being talked about in IT circles and some forward-thinking CIOs are looking into SMAC strategies. Some of the large systems integrators and consulting firms are offering services in this area to help clients develop such strategies.

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As Global Security Concerns Spike, All SMBs Should Bolster Security

Jun 24 by Catalin Cosoi

Small and medium businesses should shore up their defenses as allegations of rampant spying and massive security breaches cast a pall of doubt on the safety of the Internet. Here’s some advice to help SMBs cope with growing risks and keep expenses under control.

Studies show that data security can be a crucial issue of customer/client trust. In the wake of the Snowden NSA leaks, SMBs are at greater risk than huge corporations, as they have limited money for cyber-security.

From netbooks to smartphones and picture-playing devices, employees become more and more tech-savvy and bring a wide variety of Internet-connected devices to the office. To increase efficiency and mobility, they commonly access corporate data and networks on the go, while chatting with friends, posting social media messages, listening to music and sharing pictures online.

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INFOGRAPHIC: SMBs are Urged to Bolster Security

Jun 20 by Catalin Cosoi

BITDEFENDER HQ, June 20, 2014 – Almost one in five small and medium businesses worldwide are exposed to major security risks as they are still using Windows XP after Microsoft ended support for the operating system, according to a three-month study Bitdefender conducted in countries such as the US, the UK, Australia, Germany, Spain and Brazil.

The study proved that businesses still rely on the legacy Microsoft OS despite security concerns. Millions of malware attacks target companies every month and hackers try to steal confidential data by taking advantage of the system’s vulnerabilities.

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Better BYOD Security Management Choices for Customers: The ‘Bells and Whistles’ vs ‘Simplicity’ Conundrum

May 08 by Kathryn Schwab

Anyone who thinks the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) phenomenon will quietly go away is not being realistic. As many senior technology executives are learning, this trend is continuing to grow—whether IT likes it or not.

The rising popularity of smartphones and tablets among the general population in recent years has translated to a “consumer IT” environment in which employees use their own devices for work purposes.

What the analysts say

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