Mar 16, 2020

Healthcare Cybersecurity (Part II) - Pernicious Threats and Their Ripple Effects

Cooperation between health professionals and IT staff has never been more important. The ...

Oct 01, 2019

Healthcare Cybersecurity (Part I) - An Ecosystem Overview by the Numbers

“I was quite shocked. I felt like the carpet was pulled out from under me, and I was left ...

Apr 17, 2019

Part Two: How Healthcare Cybersecurity Can Enable Innovation

As we covered in part one, there’s tremendous investment underway in healthcare IT and the ...

Apr 12, 2019

How Healthcare Cybersecurity Can Enable Innovation

In the past decade, we've witnessed amazing advancements in medicine. Our lives are being ...

Apr 04, 2019

Healthcare Industry Remains Cybersecurity Laggard

Healthcare organizations are still looking for a cybersecurity cure or at the very least an ...

Mar 01, 2019

Most Cybersecurity Incidents in Healthcare Sector Start with Email

The healthcare industry has been a major target for bad actors in recent years, who have ...

Feb 14, 2019

Healthcare's Cybersecurity Radiography: Only One in Six Organizations Can Detect Advanced Threats

The healthcare sector has to store increasing quantities of personally identifiable and ...

Jan 07, 2019

Healthcare Continues to Be Prime Target for Cyber Attacks

Few industries today are faced with as many cyber security threats as the healthcare sector. ...

Jan 04, 2019

Moving into 2019, HHS Urges Healthcare Practitioners and Executives to Bolster Defenses Against Cybercrime

Amid growing fears about cybercrime in healthcare, the US Department of Health and Human ...

Dec 27, 2018

Healthcare Data Breaches Associated with 64% Increase in Advertising Expenditures

Despite the risk of tremendous loss in a breach, healthcare providers (HCPs) are slow to ...

Dec 21, 2018

Healthcare Cybersecurity in Intensive Care

Despite regulatory mandates and years of costly data breaches in the healthcare industry, a ...

Nov 29, 2018

Study Ranks Healthcare and Insurance as Worst Custodians of Personal Data

Phishing remains a key attack vector for bad actors to compromise not just individual user ...

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