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84% of Businesses Are Likely to Expand WFH Ability Despite Security Risks. Is Remote Work Becoming the New Normal?

May 28 by Alina Bizga

Despite the downsides of replacing on-premise work with remote work, 84% of companies anticipate a consistent expansion of remote work practices, according to a 2020 Remote Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Report published earlier this week.

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Lack of Political Leadership in UK Jeopardizes Cyber Security of Critical Sectors, Report Says

Nov 23 by Luana Pascu

The lack of political leadership to face targeted attacks is contributing to the poor job the UK is doing on its national security strategy, says a UK government report discussing the cyber security of the nation’s critical national infrastructure.

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Public Cloud Services Market to Grow 18% to $246.8 Billion in 2017, Gartner says

Feb 23 by Liviu Arsene

The global public cloud services market is expected to grow by 18 percent in 2017 comparted to 2016, totaling $246.8 billion this year, from $209.2 billion last year, according to Gartner.

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Be HIPAA Compliant and Bolster Security in a Virtualized IT Environment

Apr 12 by Shaun Donaldson

Healthcare institutions remain among the most targeted organizations when it comes to hacker attacks and other security intrusions. These entities possess a wealth of data, including personal information that cyber criminals can use.

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In Demand: Managed Security Services

Mar 23 by Shaun Donaldson

This is a good time to be a managed security services provider—if you believe industry reports about the robust growth of the market. Even if you don’t believe the research, there is plenty of evidence that many organizations are looking for expert help when it comes to strengthening their security posture against a host of potential threats. And service providers can provide that needed assistance.

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Financial Managers See Cybersecurity as Main Area of Regulation in 2016

Feb 16 by Razvan Muresan

Increasing attacks on financial services firms and other industries have prompted creation of cybersecurity regulations and guidelines from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong, among others.

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Cybersecurity Government and Private Sector Data Sharing Heats Up into 2016

Jan 27 by George V. Hulme

There has been a lot of talk about the need for improved cybersecurity information sharing between the private sector and governments in the last year. And there certainly will be more this year, you can count on it. The thought being that the more information governments and private sector have about cybersecurity trends, vulnerabilities, and attack techniques the more nimble and directed (and hopefully effective) IT security defenses could be. 

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Can Channel Partners Benefit from the Growth of Public Cloud?

Jun 08 by Robert Krauss

It’s no secret that the public cloud has become a way of life for many businesses as well as consumers looking to download apps or store their large data files.

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New York State to Propose New Banking Regulations by Year End

May 27 by George V. Hulme

When it comes to data security, the New York State Department of Financial Services has been taking a long hard look at the banking sector and it isn’t all that happy with what it has been seeing.

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For Cloud Providers, Security Must Remain a High Priority

Feb 27 by Robert Krauss

In this final installment in our series on security issues and vulnerabilities in a variety of industries, we look at cloud service providers. While this might not be an “industry” in the same sense as financial services, healthcare, transportation and retail, it is an increasingly important area of commerce as more enterprises move applications and data into the cloud.

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Insurance Companies Need Strong Security Policies - and Technology

Feb 17 by Robert Krauss

Many insurance companies are offering coverage for data breaches, and indeed a growing number of organizations are purchasing this type of insurance as hacker attacks become more common.

Data breach or cyber insurance policies are becoming a more vital component of organizations’ preparedness plans, according to a 2014 report by the Ponemon Institute.

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Telecommunications Industry: Calling for Security Help?

Feb 11 by Robert Krauss

Telecommunications is one of those industries that many people take for granted—until service is interrupted for one reason or another. We’re accustomed to being connected, whether it’s through our mobile devices or landline phones at home or in the office.

Businesses as well as consumers are highly dependent on telecom companies and the communications infrastructure they provide, and if their operations are down for any length of time, it wreaks havoc. That’s why the cost of a security breach at telecom’s are high.

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