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Petya and the Cost of Ransomware Recovery for Businesses

Apr 20 by Liviu Arsene

With cybercriminals making millions – if not billions – of dollars from ransom requests, companies have also been targets of opportunity. While file encrypting ransomware such as CryptoWall have been known to cause financial losses topping $18 million, variants that encrypt the NTFS MFT (Master File Table) – Petya for instance – have been raising concern, as recovery from it involves complete endpoint downtime and significant IT challenges.

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Has Your Website Been Deleted? It May Not Be Hackers at Work… but a Blundering Web Host

Apr 19 by Graham Cluley

It’s one of the more famous quotes about computer programming:

To err is human, but to really foul things up requires a computer.

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SMBs Undervalue Their Data. So Did Hospitals, Until Now

Mar 30 by Alexandra Gheorghe

The healthcare industry is under fire these days. Hospitals are falling victim to a cyber-epidemic that is paralyzing their systems and asking for huge ransoms in return.

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Cyberattacks, Cybersecurity, and Where’s It All Heading

Mar 28 by Liviu Arsene

Cybersecurity has become a major topic of discussion for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as the number of security incidents has spiked, capturing headlines worldwide. 

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Boards’ New Approach to Cybersecurity: a Risk Management Issue, Not Just a Niche IT Concern

Mar 24 by Razvan Muresan

C-level managers and directors, increasingly concerned about the legal and financial implications of security breaches, have started to set up regular meetings and to participate in the overall security strategy.

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Enterprise-Targeted Botnets: the Biggest Threat for Your Company Is the Main Cash Cow for Hackers

Mar 21 by Razvan Muresan

As security companies and law enforcement take enhanced security measures to disrupt botnet activity, cybercrime organizations continue to improve command & control techniques to increase the ROI of their sophisticated botnets.

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When It Comes to Breach Response, Enterprises Need to Up Their Game with Teamwork

Feb 24 by George V. Hulme

Enterprises today are engaged in a never ending arms race with malicious and criminal attackers who craft malware designed to infect systems and networks – and remain unnoticed the entire time they’re doing it. The attack codes they use today are largely more clandestine versions of what security professionals have been battling for some time: application and operating system exploit code, traffic sniffers, bots, Trojans – whatever works to achieve the designed goal whether that be to exfiltrate information, disrupt system access, conduct medical identity theft, or steal financial account info and intellectual property. 

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Email is Deprecated, but Still a Threat

Feb 22 by Bogdan Dumitru

It’s been 38 years since the invention of email and today, it is still the number one communication tool in and out of enterprises. While technology, hardware, infrastructure and the internet itself evolved tremendously in the past almost 4 decades, email is the spoiled child of the family that declines to grow up. 

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The Simple Way to Stop your Business from Being Extorted by Ransomware

Feb 19 by Graham Cluley

Online extortion is on the rise.

Not only have recent months seen an increase in distributed denial-of-service attacks with demands that companies pay up to have their website returned to normal working order, and even the theft of confidential data with threats that it will be released to the public if financial demands are not met, but there has been a noticeable increase in ransomware attacks too.

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Fearing Cloud and IoT Leads to Privacy Concerns

Feb 18 by Liviu Arsene

The fear of not having enough privacy has been on many people’s mind for the past couple of years, as internet service providers have started collecting user data to either better their marketing campaigns or provide new services that fit customers’ needs.

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Predictions for 2016: Mac Ransomware. Public Shaming. Blitzkrieg Attacks on Companies

Dec 07 by Bogdan Dumitru

With a turbulent 2015 and a 15-year-history of fighting malware as a guide, here is what 2016 may bring for the security industry, the online criminal underworld, and corporate and private consumers. 

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Future Linux Ransomware Ransacking the Internet

Nov 25 by Liviu Arsene

The recent discovery of Linux ransomware dubbed Linux.Encoder raised serious questions about the safety of the internet. More than 97 percent of web servers run some Linux OS distribution, and the new threat of Linux ransomware brings with it a whole new element to the danger.

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