Enterprises Hold High Authentication Hopes for Software-Defined Perimeters

Published on 03/26/15 04:19PM

Enterprise Security, Cloud Security, Virtualization

As we head into RSA next month, chances are high that software defined perimeter (SDP) will jockey for position there in the infosec alphabet-soup lexicon. A new piece out this week in the Wall Street Journal shows that a lot of very large enterprises have high hopes for this NIST-backed protocol as security teams struggle in the cloud era to balance management of risk with maintenance of their relevance to the business.

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Ho Hum… Another Data Breach

Published on 03/23/15 02:30PM

Enterprise Security

For casual observers and security experts alike, the past year or so has seen big-time data breaches become fairly common news. This begs the question: Is it possible for companies and individuals to get jaded about cyber security?

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A Thank You to Our Readers

Published on 03/12/15 03:17PM

Enterprise Security

Today marks the 1 Year Anniversary of this Bitdefender blog.

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The Internet of Things is going to require a maniacal focus on availability and security

Published on 03/11/15 03:00PM

SMB Security, Enterprise Security

The Internet of Things is quickly moving from hyped concept to reality – and it’s proving to be a mix of consumer devices, such as home thermostats, electric locks, and security systems to the industrial Internet of Things, which ranges from devices that help improve field machinery maintenance to fully automated office campuses. We really are moving from the phases of connected to devices, and each other, to connecting everything.

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Security as a Business Enabler: The Long View, from the trenches

Published on 03/06/15 03:22PM

Enterprise Security, Cloud Security, Service Provider

Much has been said in the last five years about how security “needs a seat at the business table”. When this is uttered by a security professional, usually among other security professionals, everyone typically nods and looks at one another knowingly, as if this is a foregone conclusion. Well, it’s not.

Most security teams are still those thankless security nerds that focus on the compliance checkbox. Why? We provide real value…right? We’re defenders of the univer….errr, enterprise! 

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For Cloud Providers, Security Must Remain a High Priority

Published on 02/27/15 05:23PM

Enterprise Security, Cloud Security, Service Provider, Vertical Series

In this final installment in our series on security issues and vulnerabilities in a variety of industries, we look at cloud service providers. While this might not be an “industry” in the same sense as financial services, healthcare, transportation and retail, it is an increasingly important area of commerce as more enterprises move applications and data into the cloud.

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Insurance Companies Need Strong Security Policies - and Technology

Published on 02/17/15 03:55PM

Enterprise Security, Service Provider, Vertical Series

Many insurance companies are offering coverage for data breaches, and indeed a growing number of organizations are purchasing this type of insurance as hacker attacks become more common.

Data breach or cyber insurance policies are becoming a more vital component of organizations’ preparedness plans, according to a 2014 report by the Ponemon Institute.

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An Overview of Virtualization Security Guidance: Part II

Published on 02/13/15 04:00PM

Enterprise Security, Virtualization

In the first post of this two-part series, I described security guidance regimes and tools while focusing on VMware. In this part, I extend the conversation to include Citrix and Microsoft, and provide some advice that is applicable across platforms.

Citrix distributes a “User Security Guide” that has valuable security information for configuring the platform, but is not a benchmark suitable for audit purposes.

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Telecommunications Industry: Calling for Security Help?

Published on 02/11/15 02:30PM

Enterprise Security, Cloud Security, Service Provider, Vertical Series

Telecommunications is one of those industries that many people take for granted—until service is interrupted for one reason or another. We’re accustomed to being connected, whether it’s through our mobile devices or landline phones at home or in the office.

Businesses as well as consumers are highly dependent on telecom companies and the communications infrastructure they provide, and if their operations are down for any length of time, it wreaks havoc. That’s why the cost of a security breach at telecom’s are high.

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Cloud is Driving Shadow IT Amongst End-users and Datacenter Users

Published on 02/10/15 05:09PM

Enterprise Security, Public Cloud, Service Provider

Not long ago, I presented a webinar on BrightTalk about cloud and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). In it I discuss how users have myriad options that are outside the control of IT groups – shadow IT. That end-users are using applications powered by public cloud computing isn’t surprising. Most of us, at one point or another, have used web mail to move a file, Evernote to jot-down thoughts, or DropBox to share files.

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