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70% of Large Businesses Believe Work-from-Home Makes Them More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Aug 06 by Alina Bizga

Nearly three quarters of large businesses are convinced that the shift to remote work makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks, a new AT&T survey has revealed.

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18 Percent of Businesses Would Consider Sabotaging a Rival Online Business, New Research Shows

Aug 05 by Alina Bizga

According to a report published by Reboot Digital, one in five business owners would consider sabotaging an online competitor if they knew they could get away with it.

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5 Tools Out of Black Hat to Gain Better IoT Visibility

Aug 05 by Ericka Chickowski

Even in the COVID era, August can't officially start for the cybersecurity community without Black Hat USA researchers offering up some juicy exploit announcements and dropping useful security tools onto GitHub. This year's event is fully virtual, which means no rockin' Vegas parties—but still plenty of interesting research lined up.

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Security Automation Cuts Breach Costs in Half, New Research Shows

Aug 04 by Filip Truta

A growing divide in breach costs separates businesses that implement advanced security technologies from laggards, according to a new report.

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Murphy’s Law and Essential Lesson Enterprises Need To Learn From The Twitter Attack

Aug 04 by George V. Hulme

On the evening of July 15, 2020, Twitter users watched one of the most high-profile attacks to occur in years unfold in real-time as imposters sent a series of fraudulent Tweets from the accounts of about 130 celebrities, politicians, and tech industry luminaries. Tweets that promised to provide $2,000 for every $1,000 sent to a Bitcoin address. There are a number of important lesson here for all enterprises, but one that especially stands out.

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Bitdefender, Ranked #1 In AV-Test Results Halfway Into 2020

Aug 03 by Andra Cazacu

Winner of its 6th AV-Test Award In 6 Years, Bitdefender Maintains High Detection Accuracy During Pandemic.

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Open-Source Security Is Essential To Enterprise Security

Aug 03 by George V. Hulme

Nearly a decade ago, Marc Andreessen wrote in the Wall Street Journal how software was “eating the world.” And in this age of digital transformation, that’s most certainly true. Software is now everywhere and consists of everything. Today, enterprises build more customer-facing and software-driven services than ever before. Software bots are automating manual processes, and software plays an increasingly central role in every machine and device we use.

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Compromised Employee Accounts Inflicted the Costliest Data Breaches Over the Past Year

Jul 31 by Filip Truta

A global study on the financial impact of data breaches revealed this week that cyber incidents cost companies $3.86 million per breach on average, and that compromised employee accounts were the most expensive root cause.

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Bitdefender Releases Landmark Open Source Software project - Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection

Jul 30 by Shaun Donaldson
  • Bitdefender contributes unique technology to the open-source community 
  • Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection (HVMI) is a sub-project of Xen Project 
  • We continue commercial support of GravityZone Hypervisor Introspection  

Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection has been in a class of its own since the solution was launched. The gist of it is this  get ahead of the results of an attack (malware in general; ransomware being a timely example) by using APIs within hypervisors – based on CPU instructions - to gain access to raw memory events within running virtual machines and apply security logic by taking advantage of the role of hypervisors in the workload stack to stop attacks. 

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92% of Security Teams Lack the Tools Needed to Close Security Gaps, Research Shows

Jul 30 by Filip Truta

A global survey of IT professionals reveals that the vast majority of organizations lack tools to detect known security threats and close existing security gaps. More than half of IT pros indicated their security program lacks proper executive support.

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Enterprises See Rise in Data Breach Costs, Shift in Security Spending Focus

Jul 29 by George V. Hulme

A study of more than 5,500 companies within eight countries found that businesses affected by cyber incidents witnessed their losses rise from $10,000 per incident to $57,000.

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Study Links Cybersecurity Directly to Employee Stress and Exhaustion

Jul 28 by Silviu Stahie

A new study looked at why people make cybersecurity mistakes that can easily lead to breaches and other major events. It turns out that it's not a question of “if” but of “when,” as most people make mistakes during their tenure in any company. 

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