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Microsoft: Phishing Attacks Increased 250% from January to December 2018

Mar 08 by Filip Truta

Phishing remained a preferred attack vector in 2018, with hackers ramping up their efforts by 250% between January and December. Phishing attack methods have also evolved in recent times, as bad actors are forced to bypass increasingly efficient anti-phishing tools and techniques.

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FBI Boss Warns Businesses of Chinese Hackers Stealing Their Intellectual Property

Mar 07 by Graham Cluley

What's the biggest cybersecurity threat for US businesses?

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Thwarting GandCrab in the New Era of Agile Computer-Jackers

Mar 06 by Bogdan Botezatu

New Bitdefender decryptor can be deployed across the network to automate recovery

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Data Breach Disclosures by UK Banks Jump 480% in 2018, Financial Regulator Says

Mar 05 by Luana Pascu

In 2018, companies struggled to mitigate large-scale attacks and data breaches, but apparently too little action has been taken to improve defenses in 2019. Businesses are trying to be proactive. They have increased cybersecurity budgets and invested in resources, including in qualified IT staff. So why are they, financial services specifically, still falling for social engineering scams and malware attacks? What hampers efforts to safeguard their networks?

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Embracing Heterogeneity

Mar 04 by Michael Weinstein

To say that modern-day IT infrastructure is diverse is an understatement. Today’s enterprise datacenter is a hodgepodge of legacy systems, software-defined on-premises infrastructure and a mix of clouds. In fact, organizations have an average of 4.8 clouds each, according to the RightScale® 2018 State of the Cloud Report. And the 2017 Forrester® Global Business Technographics® Infrastructure Survey shows 36% of businesses use 6 clouds or more!

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Most Cybersecurity Incidents in Healthcare Sector Start with Email

Mar 01 by Filip Truta

The healthcare industry has been a major target for bad actors in recent years, who have inflicted heavy financial losses, reputational damage and risking patient health. Administrators have responded by bolstering cybersecurity budgets, security solution deployments, and awareness training. But much more needs to be done to stay on top of this constant threat, experts believe.

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Businesses Warned of Malware Spread via LinkedIn Job Offers

Feb 28 by Graham Cluley

If you’re running a company you might like to imagine that all of your staff are happy in their positions, feeling fulfilled by the career opportunities that you have provided to them, and content imagining a future where they will always be working for your firm.

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92% of Businesses Cite Insider Threats as Biggest Concern, Survey Shows

Feb 27 by Filip Truta

There’s no shortage of research in the cybersecurity sector. Players in this vertical relentlessly keep tabs on the trends, both positive and negative, to better understand cybercriminals’ mindset and deploy adequate defenses. One recent study reveals that businesses in all industries most fear their staff – both the negligent worker and the potentially nefarious employee.

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Businesses Increasingly Expose Sensitive Data via Cloud Applications and Services

Feb 26 by Filip Truta

Despite ever-stricter regulations, businesses across the world are increasingly exposing company data by irresponsibly using unsecured public cloud services and applications, new research shows.

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How to Improve Threat Visibility and Reduce Time to Detection with Network Traffic Analytics (NTA)

Feb 25 by Bogdan Carlescu

Network Traffic Analytics is a new category of security solution designed to improve visibility into threat-related activity and reduce the dwell time of advanced attacks.

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Average Ransomware Payment Rose 13% to $6,700 in Q4 2018 from Q3

Feb 22 by Filip Truta

Despite knowing better, many organizations cave into attackers’ demands, paying ransomware operators whatever they ask for in exchange for the decryption keys to their locked data.

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Downtime Can Cost a Company up to $67 Million Over Two Years, Threatening Brand Reputation

Feb 21 by Filip Truta

A cyber-incident inflicts damage beyond just downtime and recovery costs. A breach can spell disaster for a company’s image, leading to devaluation, lost business, high turnover, and even bankruptcy in extreme cases. However, a breach isn’t the only cyber-threat lurking in the business sector.

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