Verizon Data Breach Report: Organizations Need to Do More Security Work

Organizations could be doing a lot more to prevent information security breaches. That’s one ...

Apr 22, 2015

RSA Conference 2015: DevOps Security Comes of Age

When the term DevOps was first seen on the horizon of enterprise IT in 2009, it was largely ...

Apr 15, 2015

Hey Big Spenders… Security Getting Some Needed Funding

In a recent post we covered the potential problem of workers and managers at organizations ...

Apr 14, 2015

U.S. Signals Sanctions for Cyber Attacks, but Questions Remain

Recently the U.S. government added a tool to the toolset it can use against those who attack ...

Apr 07, 2015

MRIs Prove Security Warnings Push Our Brains' Pause Buttons

Perhaps the poor users have been maligned for all these years after all. Security pundits ...

Ensuring Security in the VDI Environment

Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) and the concept of desktop virtualization have become a ...

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