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The ultimate layer of enterprise protection: cybersecurity insurance

Nov 26 by Razvan Muresan

Six in 10 companies have purchased cybersecurity insurance in the past year, helping make the cybersecurity insurance sector the fastest-growing in the insurance market, pacing with the IT security global expenditures.

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Future Linux Ransomware Ransacking the Internet

Nov 25 by Liviu Arsene

The recent discovery of Linux ransomware dubbed Linux.Encoder raised serious questions about the safety of the internet. More than 97 percent of web servers run some Linux OS distribution, and the new threat of Linux ransomware brings with it a whole new element to the danger.

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BlackBerry believes in encryption backdoors - believes it's good for business

Nov 18 by Graham Cluley

BlackBerry, once the darling of corporations the world over, is trying to rebuild itself and seize marketshare back from the iPhone and Android smartphones that have so dramatically overtaken it in recent years.

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CISOs’ transformation: from zeroes to heroes

Nov 16 by Razvan Muresan

Chief information security officers will become more important in companies’ hierarchies as CEOs and board members face increasing internal and external security risks that could ruin customers’ trust and business forecasts, yet C-level executives exclude CISOs from business decision-making.

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Air-Gapped Systems Vulnerable to Unconventional Hackers

Nov 12 by Liviu Arsene

Today’s interconnected world leaves everyone vulnerable to threats that can use the internet as a pipeline to reach any computer, any device, and any internet-connected gadget to steal data or compromise their integrity.

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An experienced leader is like a riverstone, embracing and empowering his team, Bitdefender founder says

Nov 10 by Mihaela Filip

In the early years of building a business, a key trait of a leader is passion. Later, the leader must become more and more of an enabler, driving people to give their best. This is one of the first lessons that Florin Talpes, the CEO of Bitdefender, imparted to the young crowd gathered in Bucharest, for an AIESEC meeting. 

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Sluggish Technology Spending? Not So for Information Security

Nov 05 by Shaun Donaldson

A number of factors are creating a greater sense of urgency for IT security efforts at many organizations. High-profile data breaches, increased online transactions, existing and emerging regulatory mandates, increasingly sophisticated attacks and other factors are forcing business leaders to make data protection a higher priority than it has been.

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Five keys to hire and cultivate the right cybersecurity talent

Nov 04 by George V. Hulme

The lack of cybersecurity talent relative to enterprise demand for it is strangling many enterprises’ ability to secure their organizations. That’s what I’m hearing, repeatedly, in my conversations with CIOs and CISOs alike. They lament how they are challenged to find the people they need to adequately defend and respond to attacks against and within their networks, as well as security analysts and architects. If you can communicate security risk in terms of business risk, know how to build defensible networks and applications, or understand how cloud and IoT are changing data and infrastructure risk, you are hardly in want for a job.

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The Dos and Don'ts of IT Security

Nov 03 by Liviu Arsene

The don'ts - Where companies are so far wrong:

A major shortcoming of companies of all sizes is the lack of understanding of the value of files and documents, and therefore the need to protect them. Proper precautions, then, are also lacking. So attackers can access files that should actually be stored on separate networks or separate infrastructure.

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