Dec 18, 2015

"Unauthorised code" on Juniper firewalls gives attackers admin access, decrypts VPN traffic

With many companies shutting down for the holidays, chances are that the IT team at your ...

Are employees’ smartphones putting your business at risk?

The shift toward using personal computing devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones and now ...

Dec 11, 2015

Study Shows that Organizations are Putting More Money, Senior Management Focus into Cyber Security

The latest “State of Information Security Survey” from consulting firm PcW sheds some new ...

Predictions for 2016: Mac Ransomware. Public Shaming. Blitzkrieg Attacks on Companies

With a turbulent 2015 and a 15-year-history of fighting malware as a guide, here is what ...

Dec 07, 2015

Worst-case scenario: state-sponsored attackers hack your company

CIOs and CISOs face each day the fear of internal and external threats from criminal ...

Dec 02, 2015

Shadow IT Isn't A Disease--It's A Symptom Of Irrelevance

Shadow IT. Just the name runs little shivers up the spines of IT executives—they like to ...

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