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Continuous Software Assessment for Highly Secure Web Applications

Feb 29 by George V. Hulme

If your organization isn’t being systematic and proactive when it comes to securing your web applications, you’re not doing everything that can be done to defend systems and data. And that could lead to interruption in software services, stolen data, lost revenue, or the embarrassing and costly exposure of customers’ personally identifiable financial information.

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Enterprises Strive More for Data Protection in Hand and in Cloud

Feb 26 by George V. Hulme

In a recently released survey, Defending Data: Turning Cybersecurity Inside Out With Corporate Leadership Perspectives on Reshaping Our Information Protection Practices I found some good news, some surprising news, as well as some disappointing news.

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When It Comes to Breach Response, Enterprises Need to Up Their Game with Teamwork

Feb 24 by George V. Hulme

Enterprises today are engaged in a never ending arms race with malicious and criminal attackers who craft malware designed to infect systems and networks – and remain unnoticed the entire time they’re doing it. The attack codes they use today are largely more clandestine versions of what security professionals have been battling for some time: application and operating system exploit code, traffic sniffers, bots, Trojans – whatever works to achieve the designed goal whether that be to exfiltrate information, disrupt system access, conduct medical identity theft, or steal financial account info and intellectual property. 

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Email is Deprecated, but Still a Threat

Feb 22 by Bogdan Dumitru

It’s been 38 years since the invention of email and today, it is still the number one communication tool in and out of enterprises. While technology, hardware, infrastructure and the internet itself evolved tremendously in the past almost 4 decades, email is the spoiled child of the family that declines to grow up. 

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The Simple Way to Stop your Business from Being Extorted by Ransomware

Feb 19 by Graham Cluley

Online extortion is on the rise.

Not only have recent months seen an increase in distributed denial-of-service attacks with demands that companies pay up to have their website returned to normal working order, and even the theft of confidential data with threats that it will be released to the public if financial demands are not met, but there has been a noticeable increase in ransomware attacks too.

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Fearing Cloud and IoT Leads to Privacy Concerns

Feb 18 by Liviu Arsene

The fear of not having enough privacy has been on many people’s mind for the past couple of years, as internet service providers have started collecting user data to either better their marketing campaigns or provide new services that fit customers’ needs.

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Financial Managers See Cybersecurity as Main Area of Regulation in 2016

Feb 16 by Razvan Muresan

Increasing attacks on financial services firms and other industries have prompted creation of cybersecurity regulations and guidelines from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) of Hong Kong, among others.

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Many CEOs Highly Concerned About Cybersecurity

Feb 15 by Shaun Donaldson

CEOs have a lot on their minds, and one of their biggest concerns today is information security. It’s not a new concern of chief executives. But high-profile hacks against well-known organizations—along with the attention government entities pay to data protection—have helped bring cyber security to the fore now more than ever. 

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Bitdefender Named a Visionary in Gartner Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms

Feb 12 by Ligia Adam

Bitdefender is proud to announce that it has been named a "VISIONARY" in the latest edition of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Endpoint Protection Platforms*, an extensive yearly evaluation of the corporate security vendor market.

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IT Security Budgets, and the Lost Opportunities of Poor Communication

Feb 11 by George V. Hulme

Many of the cybersecurity challenges that CISOs, CIOs, and business leaders face today are not actually technology-related, but rather are the result of breakdowns in communications. 

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Forget Data Breach Statistics, 2016 Breaches Will Get Personal

Feb 08 by Ericka Chickowski

Another year came and went and the breach statistics were once again smashed by a raft of data compromises and thefts across the private and public sectors. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, the number of compromised records more than doubled from 2014 to 2015. And Ponemon Institute estimates that the cost of those breaches just keeps rising--6 percent over the past year.

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Public Data Breach Disclosure: The Five Keys to Making the Best Out of a Bad Situation

Feb 05 by George V. Hulme

Enduring a major data breach is certainly bad, but it can be made worse by botching the public disclosure of that breach. A lot worse.

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AV-TEST Ranks Bitdefender Endpoint Protection as Top Business Solution

Feb 04 by Andrei Pisau

CIOs and CISOs unanimously agree that IT departments need beefed-up security with solutions that can not only cope with an ever-increasing number of threats, but also integrate with existing infrastructure to minimize both deployment and performance impact.

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Cybersecurity's Magic Wand: Why Turn It Into a Customer Experience and a Business Opportunity

Feb 01 by Razvan Muresan

A legitimate concern for customer loyalty and fear of cyber risks can combine in a customer-centric business strategy that protects both the company and its clients. Protecting the customer’s sensitive information should be treated not only as a compliance task needed to complete the audit processes, but as a core responsibility. 

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