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SMBs Undervalue Their Data. So Did Hospitals, Until Now

Mar 30 by Alexandra Gheorghe

The healthcare industry is under fire these days. Hospitals are falling victim to a cyber-epidemic that is paralyzing their systems and asking for huge ransoms in return.

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Cyberattacks, Cybersecurity, and Where’s It All Heading

Mar 28 by Liviu Arsene

Cybersecurity has become a major topic of discussion for businesses and organizations of all sizes, as the number of security incidents has spiked, capturing headlines worldwide. 

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Boards’ New Approach to Cybersecurity: a Risk Management Issue, Not Just a Niche IT Concern

Mar 24 by Razvan Muresan

C-level managers and directors, increasingly concerned about the legal and financial implications of security breaches, have started to set up regular meetings and to participate in the overall security strategy.

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In Demand: Managed Security Services

Mar 23 by Shaun Donaldson

This is a good time to be a managed security services provider—if you believe industry reports about the robust growth of the market. Even if you don’t believe the research, there is plenty of evidence that many organizations are looking for expert help when it comes to strengthening their security posture against a host of potential threats. And service providers can provide that needed assistance.

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Enterprise-Targeted Botnets: the Biggest Threat for Your Company Is the Main Cash Cow for Hackers

Mar 21 by Razvan Muresan

As security companies and law enforcement take enhanced security measures to disrupt botnet activity, cybercrime organizations continue to improve command & control techniques to increase the ROI of their sophisticated botnets.

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Centralized Security Management and Why You Need It

Mar 16 by Andrei Pisau

The enterprise environment has changed drastically over the past couple of years, with organizations relying on both physical and virtual environments deployed either in private or public clouds to improve service availability or boost business capabilities. 

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How Data Centers Can Be Energy Efficient, High Performing and Secure

Mar 15 by Bob Violino

Organizations are continually striving to make their data centers more energy efficient, while at the same time ensuring high performance and strong security. This can be a challenge for CIOs and data center administrators—to say the least. But it’s an important goal in a business environment that calls for efficient IT operations, rapid response to end-user and customer demand for processing and the protection of critical information resources against intrusions.

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The Cloud Dilemma - Is Your Cloud Provider Secure?

Mar 14 by Alexandra Gheorghe

In 2010, cloud adoption among US small medium businesses (SMBs) was just 5 percent—today, 37 percent are on the cloud, and the percentage will double by 2020, according to Forbes.

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Microsoft Sneaks Nagging Windows 10 Ads into Critical Security Patch

Mar 11 by Graham Cluley

Microsoft really really wants your business to upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible.

In fact, they are so keen that your firm switches to Windows 10 that they’re sneaking adverts for the upgrade into security patches, and using some controversial tactics to encourage users into shaming their system administrators for not allowing the upgrade to happen.

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Putting Customers First Today Means Protecting Them and Their Data At All Costs

Mar 10 by Mihai Guran

Customer-centric business strategies should focus not only on satisfying clients’ needs and delivering the best products or services in the market but also on securing the sensitive data of those who trust buying from you. Managers know how difficult it is to earn customers’ trust and how easy is to lose it by committing a major mistake such as exposing all their habits.

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Revised General Data Protection Regulation and Who Gets to Pick Up the Bill

Mar 09 by Liviu Arsene

Data protection regulations from the European Parliament and Council have been set in place to safeguard the individual’s right to control how his personal data is used and prevent companies from getting tangled in a legislative web.

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Women in Security Moving Up the Ranks, but Still Small Percentage of Overall Cybersecurity Workforce

Mar 08 by George V. Hulme

The good news is women are moving up in the ranks in the field, but the bad news is that women in the information security field comprise just 10% of the workforce.  That’s according to The 2015 (ISC)² Global Information Security Workforce Study conducted by Frost and Sullivan in partnership with (ISC)² and Booz Allen Hamilton. 

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6 Tendencies Taking Shape in Enterprise Security this Year

Mar 07 by Bogdan Dumitru

Two years ago, the world rushed to say the antivirus industry is dead. I disagree simply because antivirus companies do not exist anymore. I haven’t seen a security company that limits its portfolio to one, traditional security (antivirus) solution. Those who’ve tried are dead and gone, but most of them have morphed into cybersecurity companies.

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7 Habits of Highly Successful (And Secure) Rugged DevOps Teams

Mar 03 by Ericka Chickowski

After several years of peeking through the programming as a very niche topic at RSA Conference, DevOps has broken through to the limelight this week. The show has featured a number of talks and panels that discussed the security implications of DevOps and the corresponding increased dependence on cloud platforms and containerization in delivering IT services. 

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The Showdown between Convenience and Security

Mar 01 by Liviu Arsene

Every organization has faced the dilemma of convenience over security and most have compromised on either one or the other. While the information security triad of integrity, confidentiality and availability has been regarded as the mantra of CSOs, convenience has constantly played an important role in both productivity and operations.

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