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All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Supply Chain Security Vital to Organizations

Jul 29 by Liviu Arsene

Despite obvious supply chain differences between organizations in different industries, IT architects should consider their generic similarities when integrating various solutions. Quite often, the complexity of the supply chain depends on the entities working together – manufacturers, logistic providers, repackages, retail stores – meaning that security and infrastructures become complex and cumbersome to manage.

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How should businesses respond to the TechCrunch hack?

Jul 27 by Graham Cluley

If it can happen to a website as popular as TechCrunch, it might happen to you too.

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The Ongoing Security Struggles of SMBs

Jul 21 by Bogdan Botezatu

It’s tough enough for large global enterprises to build a strong security program. Small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) have their own unique set of challenges, the biggest of which might be a lack of financial and professional resources to deploy and maintain the latest technologies.

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The five keys to securing the citizen developer

Jul 19 by George V. Hulme

There’s a new kind of developer in town. These developers have no training in software languages, and no computer science degree. But they are building apps in the enterprise to get their jobs done.

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Questions Boards Can Ask Management Once a Cyber Breach Is Found

Jul 18 by Razvan Muresan

Since almost two-thirds of managers surveyed by Gartner say IT risk management data influences decisions at the board level, boards started to admit the importance of their direct involvement once a breach is found and business results are at risk. However, since decisions on the incident response plan have to be fast, board members need to see the big picture and ask the proper questions.

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The State of Open Source in the Software Supply Chain

Jul 14 by George V. Hulme

Open source supply chain automation vendor Sonatype released its State of the Software Supply Chain Report this week. Sonatype assembled a significant amount of data on the use of open source software in development environments from 3,000 organizations across 25,000 applications. 

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Outnumbered, yet Strong: Artificial Intelligence as a Force Multiplier in Cyber-Security

Jul 12 by Cristina Vatamanu

When talking about artificial intelligence, people typically envision a Sci-Fi world where robots dominate. But artificial intelligence is already improving everyday technologies such as ecommerce, surveillance systems and many others.

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Research Report: Security Breaches are Becoming More Costly

Jul 11 by Razvan Muresan

As if it’s not bad enough that security breaches are constantly in the news and the sophistication of attacks is growing, the cost of intrusions continues to rise. Perhaps the only positive to draw from that development is that it increases the argument for more stringent security programs.

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Reckless insiders pose significant security risks

Jul 08 by George V. Hulme

It’s well known that insiders pose a significant threat to enterprise security.

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German companies more ready to implement digital, IoT solutions than US counterparts

Jul 05 by Razvan Muresan

German companies are off to a faster start in implementing digital and internet of things solutions despite the common perception that US companies are front-runners in embracing digital transformation, recent survey shows.

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Securing the Cloud - a challenge as well as an opportunity

Jul 04 by Mihai Guran

Cloud security has been perceived as the main issue of Cloud ever since the cloud first became a reality for enterprises. And despite many efforts to protect cloud services against data breaches and other attacks, recent research shows that much uncertainty, concern and turbulence remain when it comes to ensuring that data in the cloud is secure.

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Cloud Use Will Mostly Be Hybrid by 2020, Gartner expects

Jul 01 by Razvan Muresan

The cloud will most commonly be used in a hybrid manner by 2020, according to a Gartner  report, emphasizing that operating entirely off the cloud will largely disappear by the end of the decade.

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