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In Incident Response, Speed Is Everything

Jun 14 by Filip Truta

Data breaches, a rare occurrence not too long ago, have become the norm, forcing enterprises worldwide to adopt a paranoid posture with regards to the likelihood of disruption and loss of business.

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Incident Response Is the Weakest Link in the Threat-Handling Chain, Study Shows

Jun 12 by Filip Truta

Faced with a growing army of cyber criminals constantly after their data, businesses are investing heavily in new technology and professionals to close the cybersecurity gap. While this sounds promising, most organizations are making very slow progress towards cyber resilience.

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Even with the Greater Emphasis on Cyber Security, Many Organizations Still Struggle to Protect Themselves

Jun 10 by Razvan Muresan

With all the recent emphasis on cyber security and the seemingly endless reports about how the focus on prioritizing data protection has risen to the board and C-suite levels, many organizations apparently are still struggling to defend themselves properly against the growing array of attacks.

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Is Security Everyone’s Business?

Jun 07 by Gavin Hill
  • There is no security silver bullet 
  • Review of the complete attack timeline of Cobalt Strike
  • Layered defenses need to work together
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U.S. Businesses Lost $654 Billion from Cyberattacks in 2018

Jun 06 by Filip Truta

Cybercriminals exposed 2.8 billion consumer data records in 2018, costing U.S. organizations over $654 billion. Healthcare, financial services and government were the sectors hardest hit by cyberattacks, new research shows.

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CISO Hesitancy about Public Cloud Leaves Data Centers to Run Most Workload by 2021

Jun 05 by Luana Pascu

Enterprise privately-owned data centers form the core of IT infrastructure, but they are getting overcrowded and could soon be looking at major efficiency issues.

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Are CISOs Starting to Crack Under Pressure? New Research Suggests They Need More Support from Peers

Jun 04 by Filip Truta

Too many CISOs are under constant pressure to defend their organization from cyber threats. They are feeling unsupported, and it’s taking a toll on their mental health, according to a new study.

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Unlearned Lessons of the Past and the (Not So) Secure Smart City of the Future

Jun 03 by George V. Hulme

The concept of the city of the future is both inspiring and frightening. 

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