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Equifax Ordered to Spend $1 Billion on Data Security

Jan 17 by Filip Truta

Credit reporting agency Equifax continues to pay through the nose after the mega breach it suffered in 2017 resulted in the leak of 147 million customer records and the firing of three executives.

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Cyber Incidents Now Pose Top Peril for Companies Globally, Allianz Says

Jan 16 by Filip Truta

Cybersecurity shot up to the #1 spot as the top peril for companies globally this year, from #2 last year and as low as #15 seven years ago, according to financial services firm Allianz.

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Organizations Moving to Cloud Environments Don't Feel More Secure

Jan 15 by Silviu Stahie

Companies are quick to move their operations into the cloud to reduce operating costs, but very few believe the shift makes their data more secure.

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Patch Tuesday Could Form Perfect Storm for Large Companies

Jan 14 by Silviu Stahie

A perfect storm of patches can affect the operations inside a company if two or more major vendors choose to push out large patches for their products. Such storms could occur three times in 2020 -- on January 14, April 14 and July 14.

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U.S. Healthcare Data Breach Cost $4 Billion in 2019. 2020 Won't Be Any Better

Jan 13 by George V. Hulme

New research estimates, after all the breach data, is tallied, that by the end of 2019, healthcare-related data breaches will cost the industry $4 billion, and respondents to a recent survey expect those numbers to only increase in the year ahead.

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Researchers Find RDP Abuse Exposes New Fileless-Type Tactic

Jan 10 by Liviu Arsene

Recent investigations by Bitdefender security researchers revealed an attack tactic that could be considered fileless, from an endpoint perspective. Abusing the RDP protocol, in the sense that attackers already have legitimate RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) credentials, means they can set up a share on their machine that acts as a resource on the local virtual network.

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API Security a Top Concern for Cybersecurity in 2020

Jan 09 by Ericka Chickowski

The role of the application programmable interface (API) keeps rising in prominence within the enterprise. And as that happens, so does the risk of APIs as an enterprise attack surface. According to security experts, API security will be a top concern for many cybersecurity organizations in the coming year.

API security is no longer a problem of the future—widespread API proliferation is already here, after all. According to a report earlier this year from Akamai, a full 83% of web traffic today is now API traffic.  There are a number of factors that are increasing the prevalence—and the importance-- of APIs within organizations both large and small.

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Kick Off 2020 Securely With GravityZone™

Jan 09 by Andra Cazacu

Three Major Awards Mark A Milestone for Bitdefender’s Integrated Security Across Endpoint, Network and Cloud!

From crippling ransomware attacks to a near-miss of WannaCry 2.0, 2019 has been anything but short of security incidents, with major attacks popping up in the media on an almost weekly basis. The line between standard and advanced security is blurring, and tools today need to be able to fight off both everyday threats and targeted attacks in real-life conditions (without relying on signatures, and instead focusing on behavioral detection).

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The Year Ahead for Kubernetes and Container Security

Jan 08 by Ericka Chickowski

A new study out conducted among the DevSecOps community shows that Kubernetes use is rapidly growing within the enterprise, and not just within test or development environments. As organizations try to catch their breath with the rapid adoption rate, the security community is scrambling to adapt to containers and cloud native architectures as the new normal.

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How Bitdefender's Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020 Can Keep Companies Safe

Jan 06 by Silviu Stahie

Companies are always in the crosshairs of threat actors, but how do you prepare if you don’t know how your business could be affected. Fortunately, Bitdefender's Cybersecurity Predictions for 2020 offer a framework for the essential security pillars of any company.

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A Third of Infosec Pros Believe They’re under Cyber-Attack but Don’t Know Yet

Jan 06 by Filip Truta

If security incidents in the past few years are any indication, cybersecurity professionals face a bumpy road ahead. While some IT security chiefs are prepared to hang up their boots, many are almost certain their organization is under attack from hackers but they haven’t yet learned of it.

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Pair of Data Breaches Top Off the Year in Healthcare Security

Jan 03 by George V. Hulme

Canada-based LifeLabs notified 15 million patients on December 17 that their personal information relating to healthcare, including name, address, email, login, passwords, date of birth, healthcare number, and lab test results, may have been accessed without authorization. Most of those affected reside within British Columbia and Ontario.

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