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Lack of Security in IoT Devices Explained. What Can We Do About It?

Oct 19 by Silviu Stahie
  • IoT security problems are not evident to regular users
  • Top ten IoT security issues
  • Exploring the most simple solutions
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Cybersecurity Professionals Feel Threatened by the Adoption of AI and Automation Tools, Survey Finds

Oct 19 by Silviu Stahie
  • AI, machine learning and automation aid in cybersecurity
  • People feel threatened by the adoption of new technologies
  • Cybersecurity specialists recommend their field as a career option
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Two-Thirds of Businesses Have Suffered Endpoint and IoT Security Incidents During COVID-19

Oct 16 by Filip Truta
  • Endpoint and IoT security incidents escalate in the past 12 months as employees are forced to work remotely
  • The top 3 issues cited by IT decision-makers are malware (78%), insecure network and remote access (61%), and compromised credentials (58%)
  • Respondents cite failure to discover, identify and respond to unknown, unmanaged or insecure devices accessing network and cloud resources
  • The most critical capability required to mitigate security incidents is monitoring endpoint or IoT devices for malicious or anomalous activity
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Unprecedented Number of Cyberattacks Hit UK Businesses Amid Pandemic Lockdown

Oct 15 by Silviu Stahie
  • UK companies see a 13 percent increase in the number of cyberattacks
  • The majority of attacks originate from China and Taiwan
  • File-sharing applications were the main targets
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Just What Cyber Security Executives Don’t Want to Hear: The Skills Shortage is Worsening

Oct 14 by Bob Violino
  • The cyber security skills gap continues to get worse, according to the latest research
  • Among the top ramifications for cyber security teams are an increasing workload, unfilled jobs, and an inability to learn or use cyber security technologies to their full potential
  • Security and business executives need to work together to address the issue more effectively
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‘Inconvenient’ Cybersecurity Policies Put Healthcare Organizations at Risk

Oct 13 by Filip Truta
  • Information security policies are not grounded in the realities of an employee’s work responsibilities
  • Physicians who are dealing with emergency situations constantly are more likely to leave a workstation unlocked
  • Security professionals must find ways to seamlessly integrate ISP compliance within specific job tasks
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The year’s buzz-worthy performers? The award (and path to profitability) goes to MSPs.

Oct 13 by Heather Harlos
  • Channel resellers keep everyone connected and productive in our new work-from-anywhere world
  • Managed Service Providers are closing sales when nobody else can
  • The show must go on. If you’re ready to see how becoming an MSP can help you thrive in today’s uncertain market, register for our free OnDemand webinar!
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More than Half of Employees Use Rogue Apps for Work, Survey Finds

Oct 13 by Silviu Stahie
  • Many organizations don’t monitor people working from home
  • Some employees are unhappy with how the IT department is solving their problems
  • The shadow IT security issue has only increased during the pandemic, with people using unsanctioned apps for work tasks
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New IoT Bots Reveal Why ISPs Have to Shoulder the Responsibility for Cybersecurity

Oct 12 by Silviu Stahie
  • New IoT botnets are always lurking on the horizon
  • Users have an ever-increasing inventory of IoT devices to keep track off and it’s starting to become a hassle
  • The protection of a smart home shouldn’t be the consumer’s full-time job
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6 Signs DevSecOps Maturity Has a Long Way to Go

Oct 12 by Ericka Chickowski
  • Only 20% of organizations believe they've reached full DevSecOps maturity
  • Nine in 10 DevOps organizations have experienced a security incident in their Kubernetes and cloud environments
  • Approximately 60% of developers say they get little to no secure coding training
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43% of Global Employees Are Not Sure What a Phishing Attack Is

Oct 12 by Filip Truta
  • Employees want to keep working remotely but admit they are not as productive as in the office
  • A third of remote workers consider IT security a low priority
  • Almost half of global employees don’t fully understand the notion of a phishing attack
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Small Businesses and Consumers Grossly Underestimate Danger of Cyberattacks

Oct 09 by Silviu Stahie
  • Business owners don’t believe they are a likely victim in cyberattacks
  • Many businesses still don’t have cyber insurance
  • 40 % of regular consumers think they criminals never targeted them
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Is Your Org Supporting Employee Cybersecurity Skills Growth?

Oct 08 by Ericka Chickowski
  • 65% of IT and security managers say the cybersecurity skills gap has negatively impacted their team's performance
  • Cost and lack of time are cited as the biggest impediments for security pros to improve their skills
  • Most organizations had declining, stagnant, or non-existent security training budgets
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A Quarter of Canadian IT Decision Makers Report Coronavirus-Themed Cyberattacks During Pandemic

Oct 08 by Alina Bizga
  • 25% of Canadian IT decision-makers report they suffered a COVID-19-themed cyberattack
  • IT teams from private and public sectors forced to create in-house policies and cybersecurity trainings for remote workers
  • Only 36% of organizations have informed a regulatory body after suffering a data breach
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37% of Remote Employees Have No Security Restrictions on Corporate Devices

Oct 07 by Filip Truta
  • More than half of organizations have given employees a corporate device for remote work
  • 37% of employees say they are not restricted from activities like visiting unsecured websites, sharing personal information, or downloading unvetted software
  • 54% of users would still visit a website after receiving a warning about potential security risks associated with the site
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Top Managers Increasingly Asked to Sit in on Cybersecurity Meetings

Oct 07 by Filip Truta
  • Eight in 10 organizations report that their cybersecurity practices are improving
  • Executives, directors, business units and outside firms are now directly engaged in conversations and decisions on cybersecurity matters
  • COVID-19 and the shift to remote work have heightened awareness of the need for strong cybersecurity
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Remote or Hybrid Work Is Likely the Future, New Research Finds

Oct 07 by Silviu Stahie
  • Most people want to work exclusive from home
  • Older people value remote work more that the younger generation
  • 35 percent of companies didn’t provide cybersecurity training to employees
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Knowledge Raises Your Organisation’s Abilities

Oct 06 by Andra Cazacu

  • Get up to speed on the key dynamics of the 2020 cyberthreat landscape, including ransomware, phishing and vulnerabilities 
  • Explore the long-term impact of WFH on your cybersecurity posture 
  • Understand key security measures that will strengthen your employee devices  
  • Engage in conversation with our leading cybersecurity experts and guest speakers 
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US Government Seeks to Sanction Companies that Pay Ransomware Operators

Oct 06 by Filip Truta
  • Demand for ransomware payments skyrockets during the pandemic period
  • Companies that pay ransomware actors, including cyber insurance firms, will face potential sanctions for their actions
  • Department of the Treasury says ransomware payments benefit illicit actors and can undermine national security
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You're All Living in Smart Homes. How Did This Happen?

Oct 05 by Silviu Stahie
  • The smart homes are already here and are getting more intelligent by the day
  • IoT security was sacrificed for deployment speed
  • Consumers need to look for ISPs that can protect their cyberhomes
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To Succeed, Security Leaders Must Align Themselves With The Business

Oct 05 by George V. Hulme
  •  Aligning organizational business objectives with security has always been challenging
  • New initiatives are often kicked-off without security being a consideration
  • Analyst firm finds, when security and business objectives are aligned, there are tangible business benefits
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Research Finds 450% Increase in Remote Employees Circumventing Security to Mask Online Habits or Steal Data

Oct 05 by Filip Truta
  • 56% of companies say their remote workers actively bypassed security controls to obfuscate online activity
  • 70% of the incidents included at least one attempt to circumvent a second security control to exfiltrate data without detection
  • 72% of companies surveyed saw data theft attempts by a departing employee wanting to take protected IP with them
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Cybersecurity Takes Top Tech Priority as COVID-19 Spurs Transformation Projects

Oct 03 by Filip Truta
  • Survey of over 600 IT leaders reveals the extent of COVID-19 disruption from a technological standpoint
  • Areas like cybersecurity, network infrastructure and cloud strategy need urgent adaptation for a distributed workforce
  • Cybersecurity is the top technology priority for digital transformation projects
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FBI: 41% of Financial Sector Cyber Attacks Come from Credential Stuffing

Oct 02 by Filip Truta
  • 60 percent of users employ one or more passwords across multiple accounts
  • Cyber criminals exploit user negligence to steal credentials and attempt logins across various sites
  • The increasing prevalence of credential stuffing attacks correlates with an increase in leaked credentials available on the dark web
  • Many reports received by the FBI indicate the use of botnet credential stuffing
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Current Security Tools Hamper Detection of Insider Threats, Survey Shows

Oct 01 by Filip Truta
  • 36% of respondents say they don’t need privileged access to do their jobs but have it anyway
  • 85% of IT pros say the risk is either unchanged or increasing in the next 12 to 24 months
  • 60% of respondents working in government find it difficult to detect insider threats because behavior is consistent with the individuals’ role and responsibility
  • Respondents in the commercial sector say their current cybersecurity tool stack yields too many false positives and more data than can be reviewed in a timely fashion
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