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Considering Endpoint Detection and Response? Level up your defenses with Bitdefender EDR

Feb 25 by Peter Craig

“The most damaging phrase in the language is 'We've always done it this way'.” 

Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper 

    • Have you always done endpoint security the same way? 
    • Are there gaps in your defenses today that you need to address? 
    • This article discusses these gaps and invites you to an online seminar that will show how these can be addressed with Endpoint Detection and Response solutions. 
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Are you ready for the post-spam era?

Feb 22 by Adrian Miron

Augment your email security solution for today’s challenges.

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Bolstering Industrial Cyber Security in the Age of IoT

Feb 22 by Bob Violino
  • Security for industrial infrastructures is likely to get more attention with the continuing growth of the Internet of Things
  • The global industrial cyber security market is expected to grow 8% between 2020 and 2027, according to research by Fortune Business Insights
  • Among the emerging market trends is the integration of industrial cyber security products with advanced cloud services, needed to monitor and analyze growing volumes of data
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Misconfigurations: An Open Door to Compromise and Data Breaches

Feb 18 by Filip Truta
  • Endpoint misconfiguration accounts for 27 percent of entry points exploited by attackers today
  • As enterprises increasingly move workloads to the cloud, overburdened IT administrators frequently misconfigure accounts, applications and components
  • Organizations typically lack formal, systematic hardening processes and policies to close security gaps
  • IT reps require integrated endpoint configuration risk analysis at the heart of their security operations
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Toward the post COVID-19 Security Posture

Feb 15 by George V. Hulme
  • As enterprises get comfortable with remote work, their priorities are going to shift.
  • Cybersecurity will be forefront in the year ahead between concerns about cyber espionage and ongoing nation-state attacks, and federal cybersecurity organizational efforts.
  • Remote work has accelerated enterprises are turning zero trust architectures to improve their security.
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Cloud Security Alliance Provides Enhanced IoT Security Guidance

Feb 12 by George V. Hulme
  • As enterprises, and their home workers, deploy IoT devices, the risks these devices pose to enterprise data and systems increases.
  • First released in 2019, the IoT Security Controls Framework established 155 essential security controls that the CSA believed would mitigate many of IoT's risk.
  • The new version of the CSA IoT Security Controls Framework provides clarity on guidance and security enhancements
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Bitdefender Leaders Honored as CRN Channel Chiefs

Feb 10 by Steve FIORE

Bitdefender this week was pleased to announce that CRN, a top channel publication, named three of its leaders to the 2021 Channel Chiefs list. This prestigious honor is given to persons who make tremendous contributions to a company’s channel program growth and success and by demonstrating exceptional leadership. We are proud to honor Raluca Avram, senior manager, worldwide partner program; Brian Vasiloff, vice president, North America sales; and Jason Eberhardt, vice president, global cloud and managed service providers.

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Pajama-Clad Security: The Cyber Risks of Working from Home

Feb 09 by Silviu Stahie

A year ago, we would step into the office each morning, swipe our badge at reception, pass the security cameras, and sit down at our desks beside our colleagues. The safety-savvy IT department -- home to complex security technologies, bottomless coffee cups and handy tips -- was mere steps away.

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Concerns about Security are Being Fueled by Shifting Business Priorities, Pandemic-Induced Remote Work, and Accelerated Deployment of New Technologies

Feb 04 by Bob Violino
  • Organizations’ concerns about cyber security, privacy, cloud, and technology resilience are fueled by changing business priorities, remote work, and accelerated deployment of new technologies, according to report.

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