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The Curse of Telnet, an IoT Problem that Doesn't Want to Go Away

Apr 26 by Silviu Stahie
  • An unsecure communication protocol proves to be a headache in today's world
  • Despite its age and problems, Telnet sticks around
  • The mitigation of Telnet security problems is possible with the right solution
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Decoding the MITRE Engenuity ATT&CK® EVALUATIONS 2021 Results

Apr 23 by Bogdan Carlescu

On April 20th, the results of the latest round of the annual MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluation of security solutions were released. This year, a field of 29 security solutions from leading cybersecurity companies including Bitdefender, Crowdstrike, and Microsoft were tested on their ability to detect the techniques and tactics of Carbanak and FIN7.

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Content is Key, but Is Also a Door for Spreading Malware

Apr 21 by Andrei Pisau

Since the onset of the current health crisis, many systems have found themselves strained. From remote work platforms to collaboration software, most services have been affected by the heavy traffic and the necessity to accommodate large numbers of users.

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Considering Endpoint Detection and Response? What’s the best EDR choice for your business?

Apr 20 by Peter Craig

“We are our choices”  (John Paul Sartre) 

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Considering McAfee Alternatives? Make Replacement an Upgrade

Apr 19 by Peter Craig

“When in doubt, choose change.”  (Lily Leung)  

  • McAfee has agreed to sell its enterprise business
  • Many McAfee customers may be considering alternatives 
  • Don’t just replace - upgrade 
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Bitdefender Launches Major Enhancements to its Global Partner Program

Apr 15 by Steve FIORE

The global cybersecurity landscape has changed dramatically over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic as adversaries look to use the outlier event to their advantage. 

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DHS Official: Cybersecurity a "top priority" for Biden Administration

Apr 12 by George V. Hulme
  • S. Secretary of Homeland Security details Federal Cybersecurity Strategy.
  • Initial focus on ransomware, workforce, industrial control security.
  • The federal government needs to take a risk-based, long-term view on cybersecurity.
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New Bitdefender Report Highlights Unique Security Challenges of 2020

Apr 07 by Bob Violino
  • Ransomware, banking malware, unwanted applications, and Android attacks all rose significantly
  • Pandemic-related incidents had a big impact
  • Similar threats expected for this year, and cyber security teams need to have the right security tools in place


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New U.S. Federal Data Breach Disclosure Rules May Be Imminent — Here’s what it means

Apr 02 by George V. Hulme
  • Executive order under consideration would expand what companies have to disclose security breaches to the federal government.
  • Such breach disclosure laws have been long found over legal concerns.
  • The EO would also establish that certain software vendors maintain a software bill of materials.
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Anti-Exploit Technology is Fundamental for Cloud Workload Security

Apr 01 by Shaun Donaldson
  • All attacks include malicious activity, but not all attacks include writing malware to disk 
  • Anti-exploit technology prevents attackers from gaining a foothold 
  • What to look for in anti-exploit technology 

Attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities 

Any complete cloud workload security stack must feature robust anti-exploit technology for both end-user and server systems. Cloud workloads run on servers, either on-premises or in the cloud, and end-user systems access those workloadsEnd-user systems can give attackers indirect access to workload data, while servers can provide more direct access if attackers achieve a foothold.  

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