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Author: Alexandra Gheorghe

Alexandra has a mind for mystery and an eye for detail. She is fortunate enough to have a job that requires both - writing security news for the HotForSecurity blog powered by Bitdefender. With a background in PR and marketing, Alexandra scours the realms of enterprise security seeking to shed light on the challenges businesses are facing today.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Four Business Security Concerns (Still) Looming Over Open-Source Software

Oct 10 by Alexandra Gheorghe

Increased adoption of open source software is changing the way companies do business, bringing transformational benefits such as increased innovation, cost savings and accelerated time to market.

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Companies Piling up Bitcoins for Cyber-extortionists - Is this Defeat?

Jun 10 by Alexandra Gheorghe

It seems UK businesses are raising a white flag to online extortionists. One in three medium to large businesses is stocking up on Bitcoins to prepare to pay ransom in a ransomware attack, according to  new research by Citrix.

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‘Is this data mine?’ How to answer this honest question in data breach verification

Jun 08 by Alexandra Gheorghe

Established companies like LinkedIn, Tumblr and MySpace are being run through the mill because of old security breaches that recently surfaced on the web. From a victim’s perspective, mitigation starts with a password reset, but what’s happening on the corporate side? How should companies react in full breach era to clean up the mess and regain clients’ credibility?

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How IoT and Security Play Out in a Businesses Environment

Apr 18 by Alexandra Gheorghe

The Internet of Things and quantified-self movements have led to an explosion of interesting gadgets for consumers and households, and we've detailed the types of IoT vulnerabilities and attacks in smart homes in our latest research paper. But the IoT is also laying the foundations of a new way of working. It’s about using information technology to reshape how, and where, we work.

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SMBs Undervalue Their Data. So Did Hospitals, Until Now

Mar 30 by Alexandra Gheorghe

The healthcare industry is under fire these days. Hospitals are falling victim to a cyber-epidemic that is paralyzing their systems and asking for huge ransoms in return.

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The Cloud Dilemma - Is Your Cloud Provider Secure?

Mar 14 by Alexandra Gheorghe

In 2010, cloud adoption among US small medium businesses (SMBs) was just 5 percent—today, 37 percent are on the cloud, and the percentage will double by 2020, according to Forbes.

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Are employees’ smartphones putting your business at risk?

Dec 16 by Alexandra Gheorghe

The shift toward using personal computing devices (laptops, tablets, smartphones and now wearables) to conduct business seems like a win-win strategy for both the enterprise and its employees. Employees work from the comfort of their own device while employers enjoy increased productivity and reduced technology costs.

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How to Mitigate Human Errors for Better Data Security

Sep 29 by Alexandra Gheorghe

If you asked any CIO to identify the one risk influencing all security incidents, the response would be simple: human error.

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Count your blessings: Cloud options for Disaster Recovery

Jun 17 by Alexandra Gheorghe

You are part of an industry leading organization with thousands of customers, but do you have a plan-B? Organizations of all budgets and sizes are looking for an efficient and reliable backup option, but without the headaches and costs of traditional disaster recovery. In this context, the cloud makes a great alternative. One of the most heavily hyped technologies of the last decade, the cloud can act as a secondary data center to help your organization recover data and systems quickly after any kind of interruption. An earthquake or an unexpected data breach might happen to you.

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