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Author: Alina Bizga

Alina has been a part of the Bitdefender family for some years now, as her past role involved interfacing with end users and partners, advocating Bitdefender technologies and solutions. She is a history buff and passionate about cybersecurity and anything sci-fi. Her spare time is usually split between her two feline friends and traveling.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

A Quarter of Canadian IT Decision Makers Report Coronavirus-Themed Cyberattacks During Pandemic

Oct 08 by Alina Bizga
  • 25% of Canadian IT decision-makers report they suffered a COVID-19-themed cyberattack
  • IT teams from private and public sectors forced to create in-house policies and cybersecurity trainings for remote workers
  • Only 36% of organizations have informed a regulatory body after suffering a data breach
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Nearly 40 Percent of UK Businesses Laid Off Staff Due to Security Policy Breaches Since Work-from-Home Shift

Aug 21 by Alina Bizga

The sudden shift to remote work has revealed new risks that threaten the stability and integrity of company infrastructure. From the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that the new remote workforce faltered in maintaining good cyber hygiene and security policies.

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Cloud Breaches to Become Faster and Bigger, Research Suggests

Aug 10 by Alina Bizga

Cloud breaches continue to riddle organizations’ threat landscape, with misconfigured cloud storage services and poor security practices leading to more than 200 breaches in the past two years, according to the latest Accurics report.

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Use of High-Risk Apps and Websites Increased 161% Amid Work-from-Home Shift, New Research Shows

Aug 07 by Alina Bizga

The August 2020 edition of the Netskope Cloud and Threat Report highlights a 161% increase in visits to high-risk apps and sites brought on by a 64% remote workforce.

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70% of Large Businesses Believe Work-from-Home Makes Them More Vulnerable to Cyberattacks

Aug 06 by Alina Bizga

Nearly three quarters of large businesses are convinced that the shift to remote work makes them more vulnerable to cyberattacks, a new AT&T survey has revealed.

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18 Percent of Businesses Would Consider Sabotaging a Rival Online Business, New Research Shows

Aug 05 by Alina Bizga

According to a report published by Reboot Digital, one in five business owners would consider sabotaging an online competitor if they knew they could get away with it.

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Untrained and Malicious Users Lead Concerns among IT Professionals in the UK

Jun 30 by Alina Bizga

A new report published by KnowBe4 delves into the top security challenges and issues that IT professionals and UK-based organizations face, including attack types, security initiatives and organizational limits.

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One in Six Businesses Pay Ransom to Cybercriminals, New Research Shows

Jun 23 by Alina Bizga

Last year, one in six businesses met ransom demands of cybercriminals, according to the most recent Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report.

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Bad Actors Target Unsecure Databases An Average of 18 Times Per Day, New Research Shows

Jun 16 by Alina Bizga

Many companies accidentally leave their databases exposed on the web, and data breaches or security incidents occur daily. Unsecured and misconfigured servers often lead to data leaks that can become logistical and legal nightmares for companies, leaving the privacy and security of customers or company assets at risk.

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84% of Businesses Are Likely to Expand WFH Ability Despite Security Risks. Is Remote Work Becoming the New Normal?

May 28 by Alina Bizga

Despite the downsides of replacing on-premise work with remote work, 84% of companies anticipate a consistent expansion of remote work practices, according to a 2020 Remote Work-From-Home Cybersecurity Report published earlier this week.

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94% of IT Professionals Worry More about Security After the Coronavirus Outbreak

May 21 by Alina Bizga

94% of security and IT professionals across the globe have become more concerned about their digital security in the era of the coronavirus pandemic, according to a study from Tripwire in partnership with Dimensional Research.

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40% of IT professionals believe that public clouds are more secure than on-premise environments

May 19 by Alina Bizga

40% of cybersecurity and IT professionals from private and public organizations perceive public clouds as more secure than on-premise environments, according to the latest Cloud Threat Report published by Oracle and KPMG.

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