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Author: Andra Cazacu

Andra Cazacu, PMC Level III Certified, AltMBA Alumni, is leading the enterprise integrated solutions team at Bitdefender. As a senior security expert with a mix background of technology and product marketing, her focus for the past 10 years has been to explore how companies anticipate and prevent breaches, through the adoption emerging technologies, key partnerships between security and virtualization providers, as well as public and private sector collaborations. She is happiest when uncovering new and existing use cases for machine learning and other technologies designed to hold cyber criminals at bay so she can contribute to making the corporate world a safer place.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Cybersecurity Investments To Support Work from Home. How To Spend Wisely in 2021?

Oct 23 by Andra Cazacu
  • Prioritize the right device security technologies
  • Hardening features should be enabled now
  • Services are turning into an ally for infosec teams
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Knowledge Raises Your Organisation’s Abilities

Oct 06 by Andra Cazacu

  • Get up to speed on the key dynamics of the 2020 cyberthreat landscape, including ransomware, phishing and vulnerabilities 
  • Explore the long-term impact of WFH on your cybersecurity posture 
  • Understand key security measures that will strengthen your employee devices  
  • Learn from our leading cybersecurity experts and Forrester guest speaker, Senior Analyst Chris Sherman 
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Bitdefender, Ranked #1 In AV-Test Results Halfway Into 2020

Aug 03 by Andra Cazacu

Winner of its 6th AV-Test Award In 6 Years, Bitdefender Maintains High Detection Accuracy During Pandemic.

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MITRE ATT&CK Evaluation - Bitdefender a Stellar EDR Vendor For Midsized Organizations & MSPs

Apr 30 by Andra Cazacu

Update: For more information on the 2021 MITRE ATT&CK evaluations see the blog post: Decoding the MIRE Engeneuity ATT&CK Evaluations 2021 results. 

We also review ways the MITRE ATT&CK evaluations can help you reduce cybersecurity operational cost in this post. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Below are the results from the 2020 MITRE Evaluation published in April 2020

Apr 21st saw much anticipated release of the MITRE ATT&CK® Evaluation framework. With many vendors claiming success in MITRE ATT&CK latest Evaluation results, it may be difficult to read between the noise and discover which solution makes most sense for your organization.

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Explore the boundaries of the human element with Bitdefender at RSA 2020

Feb 11 by Andra Cazacu

One year back, Bitdefender was featured in Dark Reading’s series Cybersecurity and the Human Element: We're All Fallible. At that time, we provided our perspective on the fallibility for end users, security leaders, security analysts, IT security administrators, programmers, and attackers. Fast forward to today, RSAC 2020 Trend Report singles out the human element as the main trend in cybersecurity in 2020, and themes RSAC 2020 event around it:

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Kick Off 2020 Securely With GravityZone™

Jan 09 by Andra Cazacu

Three Major Awards Mark A Milestone for Bitdefender’s Integrated Security Across Endpoint, Network and Cloud!

From crippling ransomware attacks to a near-miss of WannaCry 2.0, 2019 has been anything but short of security incidents, with major attacks popping up in the media on an almost weekly basis. The line between standard and advanced security is blurring, and tools today need to be able to fight off both everyday threats and targeted attacks in real-life conditions (without relying on signatures, and instead focusing on behavioral detection).

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Debunking The BlueKeep Exploit Hype – What You Should Know

Nov 07 by Andra Cazacu

WannaCry is still fresh in our memory, reminding organizations of how distractive an unpatched vulnerability can be especially if weaponized as a wormable threat that delivers ransomware. BlueKeep has been estimated to have the same disruptive potential as EternalBlue (the exploit responsible for WannaCry) if sporting worm-like behavior, especially since RDP is a commonly used service in organizations, allowing IT and security teams to remotely dial into machines.

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Emerging Technologies Turn Security into Everyone’s Responsibility. Explore the Future Securely with Bitdefender at GITEX 2019

Oct 03 by Andra Cazacu

October marks the international cybersecurity month, when public sectors across the globe run major awareness campaigns aimed at reminding that as the impact of digital threats continues to grow, cyber-security is a shared responsibility. This year, governments treating shared responsibility in the context of the newly emerging technologies. 

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Security – The S in Citrix Synergy 2018

Mar 26 by Andra Cazacu

If you count big digital transformation events among your favorite times of the year, you know by now that no show tackles security better than Citrix Synergy.

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