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Author: Andrei Pisau

Andrei, as Bitdefender’s Senior Director of Product Management for Enterprise Solutions, leverages over 15 years of experience in software engineering and product management to build security solutions that speak to customer needs. A leader of the B2B2B line of business, he spearheads efforts to deliver superior technologies such as Advanced Threat Intelligence and early breach detection solutions to Technology Partners and enterprises worldwide.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Combatting Ransomware as a Service (RaaS)

Aug 19 by Andrei Pisau

Named by many as the “cyber-attack of the year,” the recent Colonial Pipeline ransomware incident caused more than just business disruption - it inflicted considerable economical damage, reminding us how fragile our digital infrastructure is.

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Using the MITRE ATT&CK™ Framework to Test Your Systems

Aug 10 by Andrei Pisau

In recent years, no framework has become more prevalent than MITRE ATT&CK™, the acronym standing for Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge. Why? Because it’s one of the most complete, complex and realistic cybersecurity models - and it’s constantly improving.

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Content is Key, but Is Also a Door for Spreading Malware

Apr 21 by Andrei Pisau

Since the onset of the current health crisis, many systems have found themselves strained. From remote work platforms to collaboration software, most services have been affected by the heavy traffic and the necessity to accommodate large numbers of users.

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How to Choose a Reliable Security Licensing Provider - Seven Steps for Your Integration’s Success

Dec 16 by Andrei Pisau

The security landscape, as well as the fast-growing market behind it, can be highly unpredictable. From adaptable threats to surges in demand, there are countless ways your company can be caught off guard. And never was this trend more visible than in the past year, when the increase in remote work prompted an avalanche of cyber threats.

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Why Build When You Can Integrate? How Licensing Can Help Your Business Grow

Dec 15 by Andrei Pisau

While economies were slowed down by the recent health crisis, the same cannot be said about cyber crime. Threat actors used this period as a proving ground, a time to test and perfect their tools. As the ‘’digital continuum’’ became a reality, cyber attacks diversified and exploited new ways of compromising systems.

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Stay Competitive with Minimum Cost – Upgrade Your Offer with Licensed Technology

Dec 09 by Andrei Pisau

If the countless cyber attacks from the past months have made anything clear, it’s that threat actors move fast. Extremely fast. Worse yet, even if their targets and goals differ, cyber criminals collaborate. Much like the security world, which pools resources to highlight new threats, the cyber crime world connives to makes those threats more elusive.

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Are You Using the Full Potential of Your SOC? 5 Trends That Will Reshape Modern Security Operations

Aug 17 by Andrei Pisau

From darkweb networks to state-sponsored groups, cybercrime has long outgrown its traditional image. Now, the myth of the lone wolf who carries out complex operations alone has all but disappeared.

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Is Your Malware Detection Future-Proof? 7 Adaptable Technologies for Elusive Threats

Jul 09 by Andrei Pisau

While the media have extensively covered the recent spike in malware, a certain aspect seems to have been downplayed. The truth is, not only have cyber-attacks grown significantly during the pandemic (in March alone, 832 million records were breached through malware), but their complexity has also visibly increased as well.

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Enemy Unseen – Part II: Why Dark Web Monitoring Is Essential

Jun 03 by Andrei Pisau
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Enemy Unseen – Part I: How the Dark Web is Shaping Cybercrime

May 29 by Andrei Pisau

While public safety measures have started to relax, the surge of malware accompanying the pandemic is still making headlines. As a recent study points out, hackers have created no less than 130 000 new e-mail domains related to Covid-19 to carry out what analysts now call ”fearware” attacks.

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One for All and All-in-One: Regain Control of Your Security with Bitdefender and ThreatConnect®

Feb 18 by Andrei Pisau

From small companies losing their income to fraud to entire countries being robbed of their data, the past few years have seen an unprecedented surge in security incidents. In fact, the recently launched Allianz Risk Barometer 2020 claims cyber incidents have surpassed even business interruption to become the No. 1 business risk for companies everywhere.

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Keep Your Security Operations in Shape

Nov 15 by Andrei Pisau

Prevent alert fatigue with actionable threat intelligence

Suspicious. Suspicious. Suspicious. You scroll down as you sift through your thousandth false positive today. And it’s not even noon. You take a small break, after one last glance at the screen. After all, no real threat has been detected in months. What could go wrong? 

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