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Author: Bob Violino

Bob Violino is a technology and business freelance writer covering the latest trends in the market, including cloud services, mobile technology, social media, big data/analytics and the Internet of Things.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Bolstering Industrial Cyber Security in the Age of IoT

Feb 22 by Bob Violino
  • Security for industrial infrastructures is likely to get more attention with the continuing growth of the Internet of Things
  • The global industrial cyber security market is expected to grow 8% between 2020 and 2027, according to research by Fortune Business Insights
  • Among the emerging market trends is the integration of industrial cyber security products with advanced cloud services, needed to monitor and analyze growing volumes of data
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Concerns about Security are Being Fueled by Shifting Business Priorities, Pandemic-Induced Remote Work, and Accelerated Deployment of New Technologies

Feb 04 by Bob Violino
  • Organizations’ concerns about cyber security, privacy, cloud, and technology resilience are fueled by changing business priorities, remote work, and accelerated deployment of new technologies, according to report.

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Finance Sector Faces ‘Extreme but Plausible’ Cyber Threats

Jan 25 by Bob Violino
  • Financial services firms are major targets of cyber attacks
  • A recent report describes six “extreme but plausible” future cyber threats finance firms need to be aware of when thinking about which industries are prime targets for cyber security breaches, financial services certainly comes to mind. 
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Pandemic’s Impact on Cyber Security is Far Reaching

Jan 14 by Bob Violino
  • An overwhelming majority of business and technology executives worldwide plan to shift their cyber security strategies due to the pandemic, according to a new study.
  • One of the most prominent trends has been an accelerated push to digital transformation, and this has had a big impact on cyber security.
  • The role of the CISO has never been more critical to organizations’ survival and growth.
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Study: 5 Key Factors are Influencing the Cyber Threat Landscape

Jan 04 by Bob Violino
  • Cyber criminals are changing their tactics to take advantage of emerging vulnerabilities, according to a new report.
  • Five key factors are influencing the cyber threat landscape.
  • By taking certain steps, organizations can build a more security and agile environment.
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Market Study: Security Concerns Up—Mitigation Efforts Down

Dec 07 by Bob Violino
  • Fewer organizations are taking steps to mitigate cyber security risks compared with a year ago, even though the level of concern about threats has increased during the pandemic, according to a survey of business leaders.
  • Nearly one quarter of the respondents said their company had been a victim of a cyber event.
  • Cyber security concerns appear to be driven by the impact of the pandemic on businesses’ operations and workforces.
  • Enterprises should consider taking certain steps to help reduce risk during a time of ongoing uncertainty and remote workforces.
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Addressing the Need for Strong Data Governance

Nov 16 by Bob Violino
  • The need for strong data governance has become a focal point for many organizations in recent years
  • The coronavirus pandemic and resulting move to a work-from-home model has forced IT executives to reimagine data governance plans, according to a recent report
  • A majority of IT executives said employees are not doing enough to safeguard sensitive data
  • Organizations are taking steps to enhance content management and data governance
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Getting Smarter About Cyber Security

Oct 29 by Bob Violino
  • The use of artificial intelligence (AI) technology for cyber security is on the rise, according to recent research
  • Cloud-based AI security products are expected to grow quickly
  • Organizations are adopting AI-based tools to identify threats, reduce response time, and improve techniques to find issues that require immediate action
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Just What Cyber Security Executives Don’t Want to Hear: The Skills Shortage is Worsening

Oct 14 by Bob Violino
  • The cyber security skills gap continues to get worse, according to the latest research
  • Among the top ramifications for cyber security teams are an increasing workload, unfilled jobs, and an inability to learn or use cyber security technologies to their full potential
  • Security and business executives need to work together to address the issue more effectively
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Many Consumers Don’t Trust the Way Companies are Using Their Data—and Businesses Need to Change that Perception

Sep 30 by Bob Violino
  • Data privacy, particularly for personally identifiable information, has become more important for consumers.
  • Many consumers do not trust how companies are using their data.
  • Businesses need to take steps to ensure optimum data security and privacy.
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The Move to the Cloud Gains Momentum, but Security is Still a Big Concern

Sep 11 by Bob Violino
  • More organizations are moving applications and data to the cloud, driven in part by changing work environment caused by the pandemic
  • Ensuring data security is a key challenge in taking full advantage of public cloud resources

This year has seen a few dramatic trends that directly affect IT, in large part results of the global health crisis: the massive shift to a work-from-home model, a significant increase in e-commerce activity, and a big jump in the use of videoconferencing and other collaborative tools—to name a few.

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Even Prior to the Pandemic and Work-From-Home, Many Organizations Were Bolstering Cyber Security

Aug 27 by Bob Violino

The coronavirus pandemic has created a number of new cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, not the least of which is the need to support a massive shift to remote work. The worldwide health crisis has presented hackers and other cyber criminals with opportunities to take advantage of the upheaval in business.

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