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Author: Bogdan Botezatu

Bogdan Botezatu has spent the past 12 years as Director of Threat Research at Bitdefender. His areas of expertise include malware deobfuscation, detection, removal and prevention. Bogdan is the author of A History of Malware and Botnets 101. Before joining Bitdefender, he worked at one of Romania's largest and oldest universities as network administrator in charge of SecOps and policies.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Here Come Software-Defined Data Centers - What are the Security Implications?

Mar 27 by Bogdan Botezatu

For many enterprises, the software-defined data canter (SDDC) is the IT infrastructure of the future. And for innovative organizations it’s the data center of the present. Either way, SDDC offers a number of compelling potential benefits compared with traditional data center environments, such as reduced costs and greater agility.

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Why it’s Vital to Ensure Strong Security in a Hyperconverged Data Center

Feb 24 by Bogdan Botezatu

Among the hottest trends in data center technology today is the growth of hyperconvergence, an IT infrastructure framework in which virtualized computing, networking and storage components are tightly integrated within a data center.

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Beware of Fake News - From a Cybersecurity Standpoint

Feb 02 by Bogdan Botezatu

Fake news has been in the headlines a lot lately, after becoming a major topic of discussion during the recent U.S. presidential election. What many people might not realize—and what IT and security executives need to think about—is the security implications of fake news sites.

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New Study Paints a Frightening Picture of the Cyber Security Landscape

Jan 13 by Bogdan Botezatu

A recent report by the Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology (ICIT), a cyber security think tank that acts as a conduit between the private sector, U.S. federal agencies and the legislative community, paints a frightening picture of the information security landscape.

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Fight off Advanced Persistent Threats with Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection at Citrix Summit 2017

Jan 09 by Bogdan Botezatu

Cybercrime is estimated to cost $6 trillion by 2021, while spending on cybersecurity solutions to safeguard infrastructure is forecast to surpass $1 trillion. Growing security challenges due to system vulnerabilities and misconfigurations turn over 1 million people into cybercrime victims every day.

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Federal Agencies Need to Step Up Cyber Security Efforts

Dec 14 by Bogdan Botezatu

People often complain about how the government spends money inefficiently—and in many cases these criticisms are justified. And when it comes to spending on cyber security solutions, there’s plenty of room for improvement, according to a recent study.

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IoT - powered DDoS attacks and SCADA incidents will make top security headlines in 2017, Bitdefender predicts

Dec 06 by Bogdan Botezatu

Bitdefender experts predict a marked rise in IoT attacks against individuals and companies alike, continuing trouble with encrypting ransomware, IoT botnets, adware and the revival of darknet markets for illegal goods and services.

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Risky Business: How Telecommunications Companies Are Dealing with Threats

Nov 22 by Bogdan Botezatu

Few industries have as broad an impact on other sectors and on society in general as telecommunications. Imagine trying to communicate with people without wired or wireless services.

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Cyber Security Spending Spree Expected to Continue

Nov 15 by Bogdan Botezatu

Recent industry research studies provide a clear sense of what’s happening in terms of cyber security spending—and it’s probably good news for many security executives. Investments in technologies to protect data resources are going up, likely a reflection of the greater emphasis on security at the highest levels of organizations.

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Manufacturers Face a Big Security Emerging Threat: IoT

Oct 31 by Bogdan Botezatu

Manufacturers have an especially intriguing challenge when it comes to cyber security. Not only do they face the security threats many other types of businesses are confronting, but they also have to deal with the growing presence of the Internet of Things (IoT).

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Massive Yahoo Data Breach Shows Vulnerabilities of Entertainment, Media and Communications Companies

Oct 17 by Bogdan Botezatu

Some reports called it quite possibly the largest data breach of all time. Internet entertainment, news and search site Yahoo announced on Sept. 22, 2016 that a recent investigation by the company confirmed that a copy of certain user account information was stolen from the company’s network in late 2014 by what it thinks is a state-sponsored actor.

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Public Sector Remains a High Target for Cyber Espionage, Nation State Attacks

Sep 14 by Bogdan Botezatu

Government agencies are no strangers to hacker attacks. Some of the biggest and most well-publicized breaches in recent years have come against public sector organizations—despite ongoing efforts to bolster the cyber security of agencies that have a huge impact on the lives of many citizens worldwide.

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