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Author: Bogdan Carlescu

Acting Cybersecurity Professional and Sr. Product Marketing Manager at Bitdefender, Bogdan has extensive international experience in various roles across IT Industry, including IT Systems Integration, Cybersecurity, Sales Engineering and Product Management. He enjoys combining his engineering background with industry knowledge and business sense to fulfill his professional mission: help businesses grow by leveraging technology.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

The New EDR and Platform Enhancements from Bitdefender

Nov 18 by Bogdan Carlescu

The last major release of the year brings on November 17, 2020 a new product and important enhancements:

    • Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response is a new EDR product that can coexist with any third-party endpoint security solution
    • GravityZone gets a new executive dashboard and an enhanced SIEM connector
    • All EDR products now feature custom EDR detection rules capability
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Why Hosted Security Matters?

Aug 31 by Bogdan Carlescu
  • Hosted Security solutions are quick to deploy, operationally friendly, flexible and more effective
  • To choose the best hosted security platform, organizations should look at the ability to detect threats as well as how the solution deals with the human element
  • GravityZone Ultra won PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice award as the Best Hosted Endpoint Protection and Security Software for 2020
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Time to see it with your own eyes!

May 08 by Bogdan Carlescu

Bitdefender’s hard-to-beat track record in third-party independent testing stretches back many years. The latest 100% APT detection score from AV-Comparatives and the new Best Protection Award from AV-TEST are just the most recent proof of what the industry already knows: Bitdefender builds superior Endpoint Security solutions. There’s a good chance these technologies are protecting you even without you knowing it: a significant portion of the security vendors around the world use Bitdefender security technologies.

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Accelerating Safely on the Digital Highway

Apr 30 by Bogdan Carlescu

 Cyber Resilience - Safeguarding Your Digital Transformation with Detection and Response

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The New Generation of Cybersecurity Solutions: from Features to Outcomes

Mar 18 by Bogdan Carlescu

Today, businesses face a new set of challenges:

  • more aggressive cyber threats (higher exposure to risk)
  • increased attack surface
  • difficulty to find adequate security staff
  • increasing complexity of security architecture

These factors lead to an increase in the number and cost of breaches. The need has never been greater for visibility and insights into the environment, timely and effective response to advanced threats, and simplified security architecture. 

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A Perfect AV-Comparatives Detection score: What does it mean?

Dec 18 by Bogdan Carlescu

With an ever-changing Cybersecurity Industry and a growing number or security solutions, it becomes harder and harder for an organization to decide which should be the solution of choice to protect its digital assets. As it is nearly impossible or at least impractical for a security buyer to test all the security solutions, the industry tests are a critical benchmark that help organizations decide.

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Bitdefender selected as Best Network Security Vendor of 2019

Dec 11 by Bogdan Carlescu

The end of 2019 comes with great news: Bitdefender was selected as Best Network Security Vendor of the Year in the 8th edition of’s Hot 50 Awards:

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How to Get 360-Degree Visibility and Increased Cyber-Resilience

Nov 21 by Bogdan Carlescu

Why do organizations get breached? With all the investments in cybersecurity breaches still, occur. Details vary from case to case but if you boil down to the bottom of the incident you will most likely find the same basic story: lack of visibility and ineffective response to the emerging threats. Too many systems and too many tools, combined with limited human resources are usually strong contributors to the problem.

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How to Manage the Headache of Defending Industrial IT Infrastructures (Industrial IoT) – Part 2

Aug 14 by Bogdan Carlescu

This is the second of a two-part series of blog posts covering the challenges of securing Industrial IT infrastructures. This part covers:

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How to manage the headache of defending Industrial IT Infrastructures (Industrial IoT) – Part 1

Aug 06 by Bogdan Carlescu

This is the first of a two-part series of blog posts covering the challenges of securing Industrial IT infrastructures. This part covers:

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Applying Machine Learning to Network Centric Security

Jul 23 by Bogdan Carlescu
  • Machine Learning enables network security solutions to enhance their ability to detect advanced, stealthy threats 
  • Bitdefender NTSA relies on semi-supervised machine learning to identify key patterns and trends in live data flows, with minimal human input 
  • New, specialized ML algorithms help detect attacks that use DNS and FTP services
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Don’t Let Your Security Operations Team Suffer Alert Fatigue! 

May 16 by Bogdan Carlescu

Bitdefender IntelliTriage, the new Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) module, enables security operations to: 

  • Reduce security incident investigation and response time 
  • Focus efforts only on threats that represent a risk to the organization 
  • Lower the skill and resource requirements for threat hunting 
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