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Author: Bogdan Dumitru

Bogdan Dumitru, Bitdefender's CTO, spent the past 15 years building the core technologies of one of the world’s most advanced security suite. Throughout his career at Bitdefender, he co-authored several patents and built innovative technologies that now form the cornerstone of a product protecting more than 500 million users worldwide. He is also an advisor and angel investor in Romanian technology startups.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

6 Tendencies Taking Shape in Enterprise Security this Year

Mar 07 by Bogdan Dumitru

Two years ago, the world rushed to say the antivirus industry is dead. I disagree simply because antivirus companies do not exist anymore. I haven’t seen a security company that limits its portfolio to one, traditional security (antivirus) solution. Those who’ve tried are dead and gone, but most of them have morphed into cybersecurity companies.

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Email is Deprecated, but Still a Threat

Feb 22 by Bogdan Dumitru

It’s been 38 years since the invention of email and today, it is still the number one communication tool in and out of enterprises. While technology, hardware, infrastructure and the internet itself evolved tremendously in the past almost 4 decades, email is the spoiled child of the family that declines to grow up. 

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Predictions for 2016: Mac Ransomware. Public Shaming. Blitzkrieg Attacks on Companies

Dec 07 by Bogdan Dumitru

With a turbulent 2015 and a 15-year-history of fighting malware as a guide, here is what 2016 may bring for the security industry, the online criminal underworld, and corporate and private consumers. 

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