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Author: Dan Wolff

Dan Wolff is Bitdefender’s Director of Endpoint Product Marketing, responsible for global enterprise go-to-market for Bitdefender’s leading endpoint detection, response and protection solutions. Previously, he was Director of Cloud Security Product Management in IBM’s Security Division, driving new cloud security offerings from concept to launch across IBM. Previously, Dan was McAfee’s Director of Products for Endpoint Security, responsible for enterprise endpoint security products. He is a recognized security expert with over 20 years of security engineering, marketing and management experience.

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Attack Surface Management: The New Endpoint Security Essential

Oct 10 by Dan Wolff

High-profile security breaches come every week, creating a guessing game of who will make the headlines next. Recent compromises include EquifaxMarriot, and British Airways, which just received the largest fine in GDPR history for the breach of its customer financial data.

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