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An award-winning writer, Ericka Chickowski specializes in coverage of information technology and business innovation. She has focused on information security for the better part of a decade and regularly writes about the security industry as a contributor to Dark Reading. Chickowski’s perspectives on business and technology have also appeared in dozens of trade and consumer magazines, including Consumers Digest, Entrepreneur, Network Computing and InformationWeek.
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Dec 08, 2020

5 Signs Spoofing Still Remains One of Cybersecurity's Biggest Problems

624,000 U.S. security brokers recently targeted by FINRA spoofing attempts 50,000 fake login ...

Dec 07, 2020

What Does Self-Service Security Do for AppSec?

DevOps teams with high levels of security integration are more than twice as likely to use ...

Nov 09, 2020

10 Stats on the State of Vulnerabilities and Exploits

76% of all applications have at least one vulnerability 1 in 5 organizations do not test ...

Nov 03, 2020

Business Email Compromise (BEC) Invoice Fraud Skyrockets

BEC invoice and payment attacks rose by 150% in Q3 2020 Wisconsin Republican Party loses ...

Oct 12, 2020

6 Signs DevSecOps Maturity Has a Long Way to Go

Only 20% of organizations believe they've reached full DevSecOps maturity Nine in 10 DevOps ...

Oct 08, 2020

Is Your Org Supporting Employee Cybersecurity Skills Growth?

65% of IT and security managers say the cybersecurity skills gap has negatively impacted ...

Aug 11, 2020

12 Hot Takes on How Red Teaming Takes Pen Testing to the Next Level

Offensive security measures like penetration testing can help enterprises discover the ...

Aug 05, 2020

5 Tools Out of Black Hat to Gain Better IoT Visibility

Even in the COVID era, August can't officially start for the cybersecurity community without ...

Jul 02, 2020

10 Stats About SOC Performance, Practices, and Analyst Attitudes in 2020

Recent studies show that the modern SOC has evolved to become the lynchpin for most ...

Jun 21, 2020

Cloud Security Spending to Buoy the Security Market in 2020

Enterprises are putting the brakes temporarily on security spending amid the chaos of the ...

Jun 05, 2020

Building Sustainable CISO Succession Paths

The CISO role is rapidly evolving as organizations put more responsibility on the plates of ...

Jun 02, 2020

Compliance Costs Are Eating Security Budgets

 The cost of cybersecurity compliance is rising to unsupportable levels and enterprises are ...

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