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Filip is an experienced writer with over a decade of practice in the technology realm. He has covered a wide range of topics in such industries as gaming, software, hardware and cyber-security, and has worked in various B2B and B2C marketing roles. Filip currently serves as Information Security Analyst with Bitdefender.
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Jul 01, 2021

How To Stay Ahead of Ransomware

Ransomware remains a favorite among cybercriminals, who use it to block victims’ access to ...

May 13, 2021

Abusing Legitimate Software to Avoid Detection – ‘NAIKON’ APT Caught Running Cyber-Espionage Campaign Against Asian Military Organizations

Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) groups are at the heart of today’s cyber-espionage efforts. ...

Mar 22, 2021

Supply Chain Attacks – Bitdefender’s Threat Intel Wizards Say Now’s the Best Time for Advanced Cybersecurity [Q&A]

Bitdefender data suggests IT teams face murky waters in 2021, as the disruptive shift to ...

Feb 18, 2021

Misconfigurations: An Open Door to Compromise and Data Breaches

Endpoint misconfiguration accounts for 27 percent of entry points exploited by attackers ...

Jan 06, 2021

Three Security Headaches in 2021 and the Technologies to Fix Them

Remote workers have become lucrative ground for lurking cybercriminals Scams purporting to ...

Jan 05, 2021

IT Leaders Rank Data Breaches as the Top Technology Risk for 2021

80% of digital leaders plan to address ‘cyber breach’ risk in 2021 audit plans IT leaders in ...

Dec 28, 2020

ICO Calls on UK Businesses to Ensure Lawful Flow of Data Under GDPR as Brexit Transition Period Ends

SMEs must check whether they are impacted before the end of the UK’s transition period with ...

Dec 25, 2020

Most Employees Think It’s the Company’s Job to Secure Their Work Accounts

59% of employed Americans are more concerned about creating a strong password for personal ...

Dec 23, 2020

Poor Security Habits Might Force Companies to Bring Employees Back to the Office

69% admit to using corporate devices for personal use 57% say they allow other members of ...

Dec 21, 2020

Half of Cybersecurity Seniors Have Changed Their Defense Strategies Due to COVID-19

23% admitted experiencing a remote attack or disruption since the beginning of the pandemic ...

Dec 18, 2020

61% of IT Security Leaders Say Remote Workers Have Caused a Data Breach This Year

Employees are 85% more likely today to leak files than pre-COVID 59% of IT security leaders ...

Dec 17, 2020

Half of Businesses Say Remote Work Pays Off, But Security Is Becoming a Major Concern

Nearly a quarter of organizations worry about security risks introduced by users working ...

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