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Author: Filip Truta

Filip is an experienced writer with over a decade of practice in the technology realm. He has covered a wide range of topics in such industries as gaming, software, hardware, and security, and has worked in various B2B and B2C marketing roles.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Bitdefender helps Europol, FBI, DOJ shut down Hansa

Jul 21 by Filip Truta

Collaboration between Bitdefender, Europol, the FBI and the US Department of Justice has successfully ended with the takedown of Hansa, the global criminal marketplace. Operating on the Tor network, the dark net market distributed illegal goods and services, including guns and drugs.

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Smart business – companies invest heavily in cloud security as cyber-threat grows

Jul 20 by Filip Truta

Businesses are growing increasingly aware of the security risks beyond the control of their cloud provider, according to new research by B2B ratings and reviews firm Clutch.

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As businesses trust firewalls too much, EU demands stronger defenses

Jul 11 by Filip Truta

Businesses in a wide swath of industries across the globe place too much trust in perimeter security solutions like firewalls, IDPS and content filtering, even though 28% of them suffered a breach in the past 12 months, according to a survey of 1,050 decisions makers. And new EU legislation will soon demand companies protect customer data, or else.

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UK businesses not deterred by cyber-threats; want gov’t to help with cloud adoption

Jun 28 by Filip Truta

As Britain leaves the European Union, businesses in the sovereign state want financially stable cloud providers and prefer those that store data locally and offer local support, according to a recent survey.

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Businesses pursue new tech without equal attention to cyber threats

Jun 26 by Filip Truta

A Deloitte survey of 400 executives in the consumer product segment indicates that businesses are confident they can fight cybercrime, but at the same time they are ill prepared to do so. Going by the numbers, business execs indeed have a ways to go to protect customer trust, intellectual property, payments and human capital.

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