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Author: Filip Truta

Filip is an experienced writer with over a decade of practice in the technology realm. He has covered a wide range of topics in such industries as gaming, software, hardware and cyber-security, and has worked in various B2B and B2C marketing roles. Filip currently serves as Information Security Analyst with Bitdefender.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

40% of Fortune 1000 Companies Will Suffer a Breach Every Year, New Research Suggests

Mar 19 by Filip Truta

Over 60% of the Fortune 1000 had at least one public breach over the last decade. Things have improved in recent times, but not by much. Researchers now estimate that 40% of the firms on the list will suffer a cyber loss this year and every year after.

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Infosec Pros Agree Human Skills Matter Most in a Cybersecurity Stack

Mar 17 by Filip Truta

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) offer considerable advantages for cybersecurity professionals, especially in the face of the technology talent gap that has left 45 percent of companies with an understaffed cybersecurity team.

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IT Leaders Aim to Outgun Hackers with Bigger Cybersecurity Budgets in 2020

Mar 11 by Filip Truta

More than half of IT professionals are extremely concerned about the security of corporate endpoints in the face of sophisticated attack vectors like ransomware, disruptionware, phishing and others.

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Passwords Remain the Main Method of Authentication and Top Cause of Data Breaches

Mar 10 by Filip Truta

The username/password combo is still the dominant method of authentication used to access business devices, apps and data. Conversely, the password is still the top attack vector for organizations of all sizes, new research shows.

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Healthcare Providers Lose an Average $2.75 Million per Data Breach

Mar 09 by Filip Truta

More than half of healthcare vendors have suffered at least one breach of protected health data belonging to patients of the healthcare providers they serve, new research shows. On average, a breach exposes around 10,000 patient records and inflicts $2.75 million in damages.

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Cyberattack Fears Haunt State Employees More Than Natural Disasters and Terrorist Attacks

Mar 02 by Filip Truta

Fewer than one in four city employees receive cyber training related to ransomware threats as budgets for managing cyberattacks have stagnated across U.S. state institutions.

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Swiss Cybersecurity Body Urges Businesses to Stop Paying Ransomware Demands, Exposes Lax Security Practices

Feb 20 by Filip Truta

Switzerland’s Reporting and Analysis Centre for Information Assurance (MELANI) has issued an urgent security notice addressing Swiss-based companies that have recently suffered cyber-attacks.

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Oil Industry Boosts Spending on Cybersecurity Five-Fold Since 2017

Feb 17 by Filip Truta

The Oil & Gas sector is investing aggressively in digital as the energy transition progresses and firms move to sustainable business models. That includes heavy investments in cybersecurity, an ongoing trend in an industry bent on protecting assets and reputations.

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Hackers Actively Targeting U.S. Supply Chain Companies, FBI Warns

Feb 12 by Filip Truta

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has issued a private industry notification warning organizations across the U.S. that hackers are actively targeting their supply chain partners to compromise their systems.

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How Does a Business Become a Champion in Cyber Resilience?

Feb 05 by Filip Truta

Cyber threats lurk behind every corner, in every industry and geography. From run-off-the-mill crooks to sophisticated state-sponsored actors, cybercriminals take every opportunity to exploit weaknesses for quick cash, to exfiltrate data, or to simply disrupt operations, depending on their goal.

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How to Mitigate the Most Common Cloud Vulnerabilities

Feb 03 by Filip Truta

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has published an important document outlining the main classes of cloud vulnerabilities and the ways an organization can go about addressing them.

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How One Company Rebuffed Its Ransomware Aggressors and Froze Their $1M Bitcoin Wallet

Jan 30 by Filip Truta

A Canadian insurance company that fell victim to ransomware last year has managed to obtain the decryptor from its aggressors, then went on to freeze their Bitcoin wallet using a clever trick.

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