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Author: Filip Truta

Filip is an experienced writer with over a decade of practice in the technology realm. He has covered a wide range of topics in such industries as gaming, software, hardware and cyber-security, and has worked in various B2B and B2C marketing roles. Filip currently serves as Information Security Analyst with Bitdefender.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

76% of Security Pros Admit Securing Their Cloud Environments Is a Struggle

Sep 05 by Filip Truta
  • Most security professionals have difficulty maintaining security configurations in the cloud
  • 22% still assess their cloud security posture manually
  • Security pros confess they need more automated enforcement

Organizations face shortcomings in monitoring and securing their cloud environments, according to a survey of 310 security professionals.

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Global Cybercrime Will Cost Businesses $11.4 Million Per Minute by 2021

Sep 03 by Filip Truta
  • Cybercrime will cost more than $11 million per minute globally by 2021
  • Organizations spend on average $25 per minute to tackle malicious activity
  • Threat intelligence emerges as a key asset in defending the enterprise against cyber threats

The global cost of cybercrime has doubled since 2015. Cybercrime now costs organizations $25 per minute and will have a per-minute global cost of more than $11 million by 2021, according to a new report.

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61% of Companies Have Suffered an Insider Attack in the Past Year

Sep 02 by Filip Truta
  • 50% of businesses find it harder to detect insider threats after migrating to the cloud
  • customer data is the most vulnerable to insider attacks
  • the average cost of remediation after an insider attack is anywhere between $100,000 and $2 million

Insider threats pose a significant danger to any organization. This danger is exacerbated as the global pandemic forces a shift to cloud applications and remote work. According to a new report, 50% of businesses find it harder to detect insider threats after migrating to the cloud.

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BEC Operators Switch Focus on Finance Department Employees (over Executives), New Data Shows

Aug 24 by Filip Truta

The shift to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic makes employees more susceptible to BEC attacks and gives threat actors the opportunity to apply tactics likely to be successful given these working conditions, new research shows.

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Four in Ten Organizations Suffered a Breach Due to Unpatched Vulnerabilities in the Past Two Years

Aug 19 by Filip Truta

The most dangerous security flaws continue to expose valuable assets as a result of chasing down vulnerabilities that pose minimal risks, according to 60% of IT security professionals. Four in ten admitted to suffering a breach because of unpatched flaws in their systems.

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Security Automation Cuts Breach Costs in Half, New Research Shows

Aug 04 by Filip Truta

A growing divide in breach costs separates businesses that implement advanced security technologies from laggards, according to a new report.

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Compromised Employee Accounts Inflicted the Costliest Data Breaches Over the Past Year

Jul 31 by Filip Truta

A global study on the financial impact of data breaches revealed this week that cyber incidents cost companies $3.86 million per breach on average, and that compromised employee accounts were the most expensive root cause.

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92% of Security Teams Lack the Tools Needed to Close Security Gaps, Research Shows

Jul 30 by Filip Truta

A global survey of IT professionals reveals that the vast majority of organizations lack tools to detect known security threats and close existing security gaps. More than half of IT pros indicated their security program lacks proper executive support.

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CISOs Who Close Critical Skills Gaps Stand the Best Chance of Minimizing the Impact of Cyberattacks

Jul 28 by Filip Truta

CISOs who reduce or close their critical IT departments’ skills gaps have the highest probability of minimizing the business impact of cyberattacks – even when budgets and staffing are constrained, according to a SANS Institute study.

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Poor Privacy Practices Sharply Boost Likelihood of a Data Breach, Study Shows

Jul 27 by Filip Truta

Companies that don’t change their perception about data protection are increasing their odds of suffering a data breach by a whopping 80% and, in the event of a breach, will face fines seven times larger than companies with the best scores, according to a new report.

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Securing the Human Layer – The First Sane Step Towards Achieving a Strong Cybersecurity Posture

Jul 22 by Filip Truta

Employees typically access 59 risky URLs per week, or 8.5 per day, according to new data. That’s more than once per hour in an eight-hour workday. Depending on their knowledge of the threat landscape, corporate employees can be as dangerous as an external cyber-attack on the company – especially if those employees are working remotely.

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92% of Businesses Give Criminals Access to Customer Data through Vulnerable JavaScript Integrations

Jul 21 by Filip Truta

Sensitive data, like personally identifiable information (PII) and credit card information, has never been more at risk, while security is becoming less effective, new research shows.

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