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Author: Gavin Hill

Gavin has an excellent track record in product development and marketing in the cybersecurity space in delivering first-to-market solutions that drive revenue acceleration. He has over 20 years industry experience in product management and marketing. At Bitdefender, Gavin is responsible for leading global Product Marketing. Before joining Bitdefender, Gavin served on the executive leadership team at Bromium where he was responsible for product strategy and go-to-market including all marketing aspects as the acting CMO. Gavin holds a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and an MBA in Marketing and Strategic Management from Western Governors University.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Meeting Customer Security Needs along Their Security Maturity Journey

Sep 01 by Gavin Hill
  • Security is not only a technology problem. It’s also a people problem
  • The impact in mean time to respond (MTTR) is increasing as a direct result of a lack of time to investigate every alert
  • New MDR services are designed to help customers instantly up-level their incident response capabilities
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Is Security Everyone’s Business?

Jun 07 by Gavin Hill
  • There is no security silver bullet 
  • Review of the complete attack timeline of Cobalt Strike
  • Layered defenses need to work together
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