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Author: George V. Hulme

George V. Hulme is an internationally recognized information security and business technology writer. For more than 20 years Hulme has written about business, technology, and IT security topics. From March 2000 through March 2005, as senior editor at InformationWeek magazine, he covered the IT security and homeland security beats. His work has appeared in CSOOnline, ComputerWorld, Network Computing, Government Computer News, Network World, San Francisco Examiner, TechWeb, VARBusiness, and dozens of other technology publications.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

The Security Megatrends in 2020

Nov 05 by George V. Hulme

Cybersecurity trends are always evolving. And the Security Industry Association, a trade group that focuses on physical and cyber security, believes it has identified the security “megatrends” that will dominate the immediate and long-term changes within the international security industry.

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Younger Workers Lax when it Comes to Cybersecurity, Survey Finds

Nov 01 by George V. Hulme

During the 1964 Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley, activist Jack Weinberg said: “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Well, when it comes to cybersecurity, it may be more accurate to say Don’t trust anyone under 30.

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Security Professionals Hope AI Will Solve What Ails Them

Oct 29 by George V. Hulme

The 2019 Cybersecurity and Threat Preparedness Survey found that 65% of the cybersecurity and IT executives surveyed believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be able to solve more security problems than humans can solve.

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Security: It's Still About the People

Oct 16 by George V. Hulme

According to the most recent Notifiable Data Breaches Report published by the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC) data breaches rose considerable in the most recent quarterly reporting period.

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First Impressions and Cybersecurity

Oct 15 by George V. Hulme

Some say first impressions aren’t everything, and in many cases first impressions can be wrong. But they certainly are powerful, and bad first impressions can be difficult to overcome. This is true for friendships, dating, potential business partners, and more.

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Organizations Fail to Implement Cloud Security Basics – And it Bites Them

Oct 12 by George V. Hulme

While the early promises in the move to cloud computing promised to simplify cloud management and security, and in many ways these promises have been kept. However, in other ways, cloud environments have increased security complexity. In fact, according to a recent survey, 84% of security professionals report that their organizations struggle to maintain secure cloud configurations.

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When It Comes to Employees and Data, Execs Hold Mixed Views

Oct 07 by George V. Hulme

When it comes to enterprise data, it’s employees that create some of the biggest risks, yet they still hold a considerable amount of trust from senior cybersecurity and business leaders. That’s the dislocated findings from the 2019 Global Data Exposure Report, conducted by Forrester Consulting and commissioned by data loss protection software maker Code42.

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Financial Services Data Breaches: More Pain Ahead?

Sep 13 by George V. Hulme

Banks, like most industries, are undergoing profound digital transformations. They’re trying to compete, lower business risk, and cut costs from their business operations.

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Financial Services: State of Software Security

Aug 29 by George V. Hulme

As we’ve recently covered, cybersecurity in financial services is having a challenging time keeping up with the rate of technological change. A survey conducted by the Ponemon Institute (on behalf of electronic design automation and software security company Synopsys) found that more than half of the financial services companies they surveyed suffered data breaches or system downtime due to attack.

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The Cloud Security Alliance’s Top Threats to Cloud Computing

Aug 26 by George V. Hulme

Periodically the Cloud Security Alliance publishes a report of the top threats to cloud computing. These reports hope to increase the awareness of risks to cloud computing. What’s interesting this year is that certain threats, including denial of service, shared technology vulnerabilities, and cloud service provider data loss and system vulnerabilities were ranked so low in a survey that they didn’t make the new report. They were all included in the Cloud Security Alliances previous report, the Treacherous 12.

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GAO: US Federal Agencies Need to Fully Establish Risk Management Programs

Aug 21 by George V. Hulme

There have been plenty — too many — breaches involving federal agencies over the years. Way back in 2006, a breach at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs affected 26.5 million people. In 2009, it was the National Archives and Records Administration that was hit and that breach affected 76 million. In one of the worst and most damaging breaches of all time, the U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) affected 21.5 million federal employees and contractors, and breached the information included in security clearances, such as background investigation data and associated person data. Most recently, the U.S. Customs Agency fell victim to an attack and photos and other personal information collected by U.S. Customers and Border Patrol was leaked.

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When it Comes to Application Security, Banks Pay Little Interest

Aug 16 by George V. Hulme

One might think financial institutions, such as banks, would have formidable levels of application security. Unfortunately, if one thought that, one would be wrong. According to an analysis by application security vendor ImmuniWeb, a startling 97 out of 100 of the world’s largest banks are vulnerable to web and mobile attacks.

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