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Author: George V. Hulme

George V. Hulme is an internationally recognized information security and business technology writer. For more than 20 years Hulme has written about business, technology, and IT security topics. From March 2000 through March 2005, as senior editor at InformationWeek magazine, he covered the IT security and homeland security beats. His work has appeared in CSOOnline, ComputerWorld, Network Computing, Government Computer News, Network World, San Francisco Examiner, TechWeb, VARBusiness, and dozens of other technology publications.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

During a Pandemic, No One Wants to Swipe Their Finger

May 15 by George V. Hulme

While some of the impacts of the current global pandemic could be predicted, such as the move to work from home, cloud computing, and other technological change, one of the changes that one might not consider until in the thick of the pandemic would be biometrics.

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Five Tips On Training Staff to Avoid Coronavirus Scams

Apr 28 by George V. Hulme

There has been a steady rise in COVID-19 scams and attacks since the novel coronavirus pandemic went global in February. Traditional cybercriminals, as well as APT groups, have been exploiting the situation and will likely continue until COVID-19 is no longer a front-page news item. The attack techniques look familiar: phishing, vishing, malicious apps, malicious domains, and crafty SEO techniques, along with social engineering techniques designed to entice people to click on links or attachments to install malware or steal login credentials.

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Third Parties Prove Persistent Healthcare Data Risk

Apr 22 by George V. Hulme

According to the Protenus Breach Barometer report, there’s been a steady increase in healthcare related data breaches over recent years. Last year, there were 572 healthcare data breaches within U.S.-based healthcare industry. That’s up from 450 in 2016. When it comes to patient records leaked, they rose as well, reaching 41 million in 2019 from 15 million in 2018. According to the report, at least since 2016, there has been one healthcare data breach reported a day.

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Gartner: Coronavirus Exposes Outdated Risk Management Practices

Apr 02 by George V. Hulme

Enterprise governance, risk, and compliance programs are designed, in important part, to ensure that companies stay on track and manage risk and uncertainty. Many organizations, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, are now finding whether their risk management and cybersecurity plans will work as intended.

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As CIOs See Expanding Roles in Customer Experience, Security Must Keep Pace

Mar 23 by George V. Hulme

Let’s face it: CIOs are quite busy as they drive forward with their digital transformation efforts, build their DevOps teams, and continue their work to ensure that their business-technology systems are aligned with business needs — and somewhere within all of that work they have to find a way to keep these systems secure.  

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As coronavirus spreads, attackers won’t let up on healthcare systems

Mar 17 by George V. Hulme

As healthcare providers and public health agencies around the world find themselves pressed at capacity to deliver care during the novel coronavirus pandemic, attackers show no signs of mercy as they still target healthcare websites and IT systems — further stressing a system already taxed as patients seek critical care.

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Survey Shows Most Organizations Plan to Embrace Zero Trust, yet Remain Unconfident in Ability to Implement

Mar 03 by George V. Hulme

One of the biggest weaknesses in any environment is maintaining effective authentication and authorization controls.

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Financial Account Security Causing the Greatest Angst, Survey Says

Feb 24 by George V. Hulme

Since 2007, security services provider Unisys has measured the level of security concerns among consumers. Unisys claims its “Security Index” is the longest-running snapshot of consumer views regarding security from around the world.

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Advanced Attack Groups Increasingly Threaten North American Electric Utilities

Feb 14 by George V. Hulme

When it comes to critical infrastructure, there are few more essential than electricity generation and distribution. Without electricity, nothing else works. According to a report from cybersecurity firm Dragos, groups have shown that they have the capability to impact power operations and network connectivity detrimentally. "Electric utilities remain at risk for a disruptive – and potentially destructive – cyberattack due to the political and economic impact such an event may cause,” the firm wrote in its report North American Electric Cyber Threat Perspective.

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Majority of Developers are Concerned over the state of Their Application Security

Feb 11 by George V. Hulme

While software developers are showing signs of high apprehension when it comes to the security of their software, their organizations however have considerable work ahead of them getting developers the tools they need to succeed.

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Six Signs You have a Great Cybersecurity Culture

Jan 29 by George V. Hulme

What is security culture? There’s lots of talk about how important security culture is to a security program, but security culture is a nebulous concept to attempt to define — and harder still to measure. It’s also, apparently, difficult to achieve: a survey from the IT governance professional’s organization ISACA found that nine in ten enterprises said they have a gap between the security culture they want to have and the actual culture they have in place.

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U.S. Healthcare Data Breach Cost $4 Billion in 2019. 2020 Won't Be Any Better

Jan 13 by George V. Hulme

New research estimates, after all the breach data, is tallied, that by the end of 2019, healthcare-related data breaches will cost the industry $4 billion, and respondents to a recent survey expect those numbers to only increase in the year ahead.

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