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Author: Laurentiu Odoleanu

Laurentiu Odoleanu is a Product Manager for Business Solutions, that’s responsible for product planning and execution of strategic business security technologies at Bitdefender. With a strong background in engineering and security, Laurentiu has a keen eye for identifying customer needs and translating them into clear product / feature plans. With close to a decade of experience in building and defining B2B solutions, he’s equally comfortable leading customer conversations or reviewing technology architectural designs.

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Does Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection Replace Traditional Security?

May 04 by Laurentiu Odoleanu

The term “traditional security” has gone through much transformation within the past couple of years, with next-gen security solutions arguing that security vendors with decades of experience have been doing security wrong. With machine learning heralded as the future of security, many businesses are left perplexed by a marketing conflict that solves none of their problems.

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