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Author: Martin Zugec

Martin is technical solutions director at Bitdefender. He is a passionate blogger and speaker, focusing on enterprise IT for over two decades. He loves travel, lived in Europe, Middle East and now residing in Florida.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Technical Advisory: SeriousSAM – Windows 10 Flaw Can Be Used by Malicious Actors to Obtain Administrator Rights

Jul 21 by Martin Zugec

Newer versions of Windows 10 (build 1809 - 2018-present) may be vulnerable to a local privilege escalation enabled by misconfiguration on the Security Account Manager (SAM) database file. SAM is a database file that stores password hashes for all local user accounts. (This file can be found in folder %SystemRoot%\System32\Config\SAM and it is mounted in registry under HLKM\SAM.)

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When they ATT&CK, we will D3FEND | Business Insights Bitdefender

Jun 29 by Martin Zugec

On June 22nd, MITRE released a new framework called D3FEND to complement the industry-recognized ATT&CK matrix. The new framework, sponsored by the NSA, aims to create a foundation for identifying components and capabilities of security defenses. MITRE is not a private non-profit organization; it is a federal research and development organization.

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Why Exposing Hypervisor APIs Is Your Next Best Move Against Targeted Attacks

Apr 05 by Martin Zugec

Organizations have been facing an increase in sophisticated cyberattacks attributed to governments or corporate and financial espionage. What’s striking is that it takes companies an average of 5 months to detect a data breach, easily enough to incur even crippling losses.

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