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Author: Mihaela Paun

Mihaela Paun, Bitdefender’s Vice President of Consumer Sales and Marketing, has been at Bitdefender since 2002, and is a founder of the digital marketing division and the coordinator of online sales, the main distribution channel for consumer security solutions. Under her leadership, Bitdefender consumer security solution sales consistently beat the average industry growth rate. Leading a team of 50, Mihaela Paun will develop consumer business in markets such as the Netherlands, Japan and Canada. By focusing on innovative sales techniques and using the most advanced technologies of digital communication, Mihaela Paun will develop the global strategy for the integrated home cybersecurity solution Bitdefender BOX, which protects all internet-connected devices in a home, pioneering a completely new category in the industry.

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Are Concerns About Security and Privacy Threatening the Future of Online Commerce?

Jun 02 by Mihaela Paun

If no one trusted the Internet, what would that mean for online business—or even for business in general? Even as so many consumers and businesses rely on the web to conduct all kinds of transactions, fears about data breaches and loss of privacy has many people spooked about sharing personal information online.

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