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Author: Mihai Guran

Mihai Guran, Bitdefender’s Vice-President of EMEA Sales, has more than 20 years of experience in direct and indirect sales and sales management with a proven track record in all customer segments - enterprise, public, SMB, retail and on-line. He started working at Bitdefender in 2014, after achieving regional C-level roles in HP and Dell.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Security in 2016 and how to lead further the end-point security market

Oct 06 by Mihai Guran

Companies will invest more in security solutions, driving overall Enterprise Security market growth. 

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Securing the Cloud - a challenge as well as an opportunity

Jul 04 by Mihai Guran

Cloud security has been perceived as the main issue of Cloud ever since the cloud first became a reality for enterprises. And despite many efforts to protect cloud services against data breaches and other attacks, recent research shows that much uncertainty, concern and turbulence remain when it comes to ensuring that data in the cloud is secure.

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Putting Customers First Today Means Protecting Them and Their Data At All Costs

Mar 10 by Mihai Guran

Customer-centric business strategies should focus not only on satisfying clients’ needs and delivering the best products or services in the market but also on securing the sensitive data of those who trust buying from you. Managers know how difficult it is to earn customers’ trust and how easy is to lose it by committing a major mistake such as exposing all their habits.

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