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Author: Razvan Muresan

Former business journalist, Razvan is passionate about supporting SMEs into building communities and exchanging knowledge on entrepreneurship. He enjoys having innovative approaches on hot topics and thinks that the massive amount of information that attacks us on a daily basis via TV and internet makes us less informed than we even think. The lack of relevance is the main issue in nowadays environment so he plans to emphasize real news on Bitdefender blogs.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Ensuring Strong Cyber Security at the Edge

Jan 29 by Razvan Muresan

We’re hearing more and more about edge computing, and it will likely continue to be a focal point within IT as the Internet of Things (IoT) continues to gain momentum. A key question for organizations looking to the edge: What are the cyber security implications?

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Security is a Critical Factor in Determining where Enterprises Will Run Their Application

Jan 16 by Razvan Muresan

Some 71% of CISOs rank data security and compliance as the most important factor when choosing where to put their application workloads, according to a recent survey by Nutanix.

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Hybrid Clouds Bring New Complexities—and Security Risks

Jan 10 by Razvan Muresan

Building a hybrid cloud environment can provide a host of benefits for organizations, including a level of flexibility and agility not possible with a traditional on-premise data center infrastructure. But it can also create complexities that can lead to increased risk for enterprises.

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Healthcare Continues to Be Prime Target for Cyber Attacks

Jan 07 by Razvan Muresan

Few industries today are faced with as many cyber security threats as the healthcare sector. Patient data is among the most sensitive information in the digital ecosystem, and cyber criminals are often looking to leverage these resources for profit.

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Corporate Boards Navigate New Data Privacy Regulations, Digital Transformation and Cyber Security Risks

Dec 13 by Razvan Muresan

Anyone who takes part in a corporate board of directors meeting these days is likely to hear conversations about cyber security and regulatory compliance. These areas have become so critical to the risk management strategies of organizations that they can’t be ignored by the very people responsible for guiding businesses to success in their markets.

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Building a Multi-Cloud Strategy? Be Sure to Address the Security and Management Challenges

Nov 26 by Razvan Muresan

Many organizations today are adopting a multi-cloud strategy, using services from several cloud providers and deploying offerings such as software-as-a-service (SaaS), platform-as-a-service (PaaS), and infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) to meet a variety of business needs.

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Small Companies, Big Security Concerns

Nov 13 by Razvan Muresan

Many people might tend to associate security breaches and malware attacks with large enterprises. After all, the attacks that grab the big headlines generally occur against global companies or large governmental organizations.

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Almost Half of Organizations Have No Security Operation Center, Hindering Detection of Advanced Threats

Nov 05 by Razvan Muresan

Even though Security Operation Centers (SOCs) are increasingly common, some 48 percent of organizations don’t have one, a recent survey shows. This creates many security challenges, such as: slower identification of intrusions, ad-hoc or no processes following a security breach, inability to efficiently protect the most valuable assets from advanced attacks, and delayed isolation of corrupted infrastructures.

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Is Your Organization Cyber Security Ready?

Oct 25 by Razvan Muresan

The more “cyber security ready” a business becomes, the better its overall business outcomes. Unfortunately, many organizations worldwide are not cyber security-ready.

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Failure to Detect a Breach May Wreak Havoc in Corporate IT Infrastructures, CISOs Say

Oct 18 by Razvan Muresan

Failure to detect an advanced cyberattack or a targeted threat as soon as it occurs may lead to full infrastructure compromise, irreversible data loss, and financial repercussions from which some companies may never recover, according to a Bitdefender survey of 1,050 CISOs in the US and Europe.

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Ransomware Might Not be as Prevalent, but Organizations Still Need to Be as Vigilant as Possible in Building Defenses

Oct 10 by Razvan Muresan

How big a problem is ransomware for organizations, and is it getting worse? That depends on who’s providing the information about this cyber threat—although experts seem to agree that organizations need to continue taking ransomware seriously.

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Machine Learning Helps IT and Security Leaders Stay Ahead of Cyber Threats

Oct 01 by Razvan Muresan

Cyber security executives are always looking for ways to keep a step ahead of the bad actors and the latest threats. Emerging technologies such as machine learning (ML) are providing a way to do that, and some IT and security leaders have begun taking advantage of tools that leverage these automated capabilities.

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