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Author: Razvan Muresan

Former business journalist, Razvan is passionate about supporting SMEs into building communities and exchanging knowledge on entrepreneurship. He enjoys having innovative approaches on hot topics and thinks that the massive amount of information that attacks us on a daily basis via TV and internet makes us less informed than we even think. The lack of relevance is the main issue in nowadays environment so he plans to emphasize real news on Bitdefender blogs.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

How Can EDR Tools Help CISOs Increase Security Budgets

Jun 04 by Razvan Muresan

Companies provide detailed reports on previous and identified cyberattacks to their managers or board of directors every eight months on average, according to a recent survey of 1,050 chief information security officers in the US and Europe. 

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Half of Alerts Signaled by EDR Tools Are False Alarms; Lack of Personnel Prevents Rapid Detection and Response

May 17 by Razvan Muresan

As 250,000 new malicious programs and an increasing number of tailor-made threats try to wreak havoc on corporate IT infrastructures each day, the need for qualified information security personnel is higher than ever. Simultaneously, most companies struggle for rapid incident detection and response, with teams that can’t keep up with the sheer number of alerts their EDR solution identifies, and the difficulties in deploying and maintaining the entire endpoint security architecture.

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Bitdefender GravityZone Becomes World’s First Workload-Security Platform Integrated with Nutanix Prism

May 10 by Razvan Muresan

With the Nutanix NEXT event wrapping up today, we’re happy to finally break the news: our award-winning GravityZone cloud-workload protection platform is now integrated with the Nutanix Prism management solution. In addition to the integration, we’re also announcing the availability of the GravityZone Calm Marketplace blueprint.

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Half of CISOs Admit Being Breached; Business Interruptions, the Main Concern

May 04 by Razvan Muresan

A recent Bitdefender survey of 1,050 chief information security officers found while half the respondents admitted their company was breached in the last year one in six who did so still couldn’t identify how the attack happened.

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CISOs' Latest Struggle: When Prevention Is Faulty, but Investigation Is a Burden

Apr 11 by Razvan Muresan

In a fast-changing landscape where large cyberattacks make the news virtually every month, companies have started shifting their security defense paradigm towards gaining more visibility into the way attacks occur, and how they become targets

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Costs of Non-Compliance are Getting Higher

Apr 02 by Razvan Muresan

For many companies, especially those in highly regulated industries such as financial services and healthcare, ensuring compliance with a growing number of government and industry regulations can be a nuisance and a drain on already strained resources.

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Some Organizations Pulling Workloads Back from the Cloud Because of Security, Data Management Concerns

Mar 13 by Razvan Muresan

Everyone in IT knows how much the cloud is becoming a central and strategic component of the modern technology infrastructure at many enterprises. Perhaps less well known is the fact that a lot of organizations have pulled workloads back from the cloud—in part because of concerns about data management and security.

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Public Sector Explores How Artificial Intelligence Might Help with Enhancing Cyber Security Efforts

Mar 07 by Razvan Muresan

Artificial intelligence (AI) is capturing the imagination of business and technology leaders in virtually every industry. The promise of technology solutions based on AI is certainly compelling, with potential benefits including greater efficiency, reduced errors, cost savings, enhanced customer services, etc.

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Study Shows Organizations have Significant Misconceptions About the Responsibility for Data Management, Security and Privacy in the Cloud

Feb 05 by Razvan Muresan

The cloud has become a vital and well-entrenched component of the IT infrastructure at a growing number of organizations. Moving data and workloads to cloud in many cases makes economic sense, and companies can reap benefits such as cost savings, increased agility and easier scalability of computing resources.

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Data protection is a prime concern for Italian IT execs that embrace data center modernization

Jan 17 by Razvan Muresan

Italian IT decision makers perceive security is best argument for enabling datacenters’ agility, efficiency and flexibility. Companies have started moving away from legacy hardware-centric systems and toward revolutionary technologies - such as software-defined data centers, hyperconverged infrastructures, and, hybrid cloud - while keeping data protection as a prime concern.

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A Key Questions as U.S. Federal Government Agencies Move Further Into the Cloud: How to Manage and Secure Their New Hybrid Environments

Jan 15 by Razvan Muresan

U.S. federal government agencies today are among the biggest users of cloud services. This is a result of years of effort to shift data and workloads to the cloud in order to reduce spending and increase efficiency.

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CISOs require infrastructure-agnostic security and visibility to support data center modernization, survey shows

Dec 26 by Razvan Muresan

Conventional endpoint security solutions - originally designed for hardware-defined, premise-based infrastructure - are unsuitable for the modern data center. As a result, 58.4% of IT execs say that the lack of infrastructure-agnostic security is the main challenge in the data center transformation process.

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