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Author: Shaun Donaldson

Shaun Donaldson is Editor-at-large at Bitdefender Enterprise. Shaun is also responsible for supporting relationships with strategic alliance partners and large enterprise customers, and analyst relations. Before joining Bitdefender, Mr. Donaldson was involved in various technology alliances, enterprise sales and marketing positions within the IT security industry, including Trend Micro, Entrust, Bell Security Solutions and Third Brigade.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Anti-Exploit Technology is Fundamental for Cloud Workload Security

Apr 01 by Shaun Donaldson
  • All attacks include malicious activity, but not all attacks include writing malware to disk 
  • Anti-exploit technology prevents attackers from gaining a foothold 
  • What to look for in anti-exploit technology 

Attacks, exploits and vulnerabilities 

Any complete cloud workload security stack must feature robust anti-exploit technology for both end-user and server systems. Cloud workloads run on servers, either on-premises or in the cloud, and end-user systems access those workloadsEnd-user systems can give attackers indirect access to workload data, while servers can provide more direct access if attackers achieve a foothold.  

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Bitdefender Releases Landmark Open Source Software project - Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection

Jul 30 by Shaun Donaldson
  • Bitdefender contributes unique technology to the open-source community 
  • Hypervisor-based Memory Introspection (HVMI) is a sub-project of Xen Project 
  • We continue commercial support of GravityZone Hypervisor Introspection  

Bitdefender Hypervisor Introspection has been in a class of its own since the solution was launched. The gist of it is this  get ahead of the results of an attack (malware in general; ransomware being a timely example) by using APIs within hypervisors – based on CPU instructions - to gain access to raw memory events within running virtual machines and apply security logic by taking advantage of the role of hypervisors in the workload stack to stop attacks. 

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Bitdefender Researchers Discover New Side-Channel Attack

Mar 10 by Shaun Donaldson
  • This new speculative-execution-based attack exploits flaws in the CPU architecture to potentially leak information from protected memory
  • Dubbed LVI-LFB (Load Value Injection in the Line Fill Buffers), this is a novel attack (CVE-2020-0551)
  • Bitdefender has developed a synthetic Proof of Concept which demonstrates the viability of this new attack
  • Existing mitigations for previous attacks, such-as Meltdown, Spectre, and MDS are not sufficient to completely remove the new vulnerability

A Brief History Leading to LVI-LFB

In 2018, two new types of microarchitectural side-channel attacks were disclosed: Meltdown and Spectre. Meltdown allows an attacker to speculatively access memory that is inaccessible, while Spectre allows an attacker to alter the branch prediction structures in order to gain speculative arbitrary code execution. In 2019, another class of microarchitectural side-channel attacks was disclosed: Microarchitectural Data Sampling, or MDS. It allows an attacker to pick-up in-flight data from various microarchitectural data structures (line fill buffers or LFBs - MFBDS, load ports - MLPDS or store buffers - MSBDS).

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Defend Your Organization from Browser-based Attacks with Bitdefender Browser Isolation

Jun 20 by Shaun Donaldson
  • The web is a dangerous place, but denying end-users access isn’t realistic
  • Isolate browsers from end-user systems via application virtualization
  • Secure virtualized browsers to protect against attacks in high-risk scenarios

The Web is a Dangerous Place Which Users Need

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Double Kill, a Prodigy of Zero-days, and what We Can Learn from It

Jun 12 by Shaun Donaldson

In late April, a Windows zero-day attack was discovered in the wild that affected all supported versions of Windows. Microsoft released a patch on May 8th to address the issue. This zero-day, dubbed Double Kill, exploits a VB script vulnerability, and potentially affects any system from Windows 7 onwards, including servers.

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Securing Workloads from Private Cloud to VMware Cloud on AWS

Feb 15 by Shaun Donaldson

Realizing True Hybrid Cloud

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Nutanix Your Way to VDI Xen with Bitdefender

Jan 05 by Shaun Donaldson

In the technology world, it is rare that three uniquely positioned vendors converge to provide a common solution which addresses security, performance, and operational benefits as Bitdefender, Citrix, and Nutanix have around Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI).

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The Internet of Things: Big Opportunity, Huge Security Challenge

May 18 by Shaun Donaldson

One of the hottest topics in IT these days is the Internet of Things (IoT). This is partly hype for sure, but IoT is nevertheless something all IT and security executives should be learning about, if not actually focusing on as a corporate strategy.

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Struggling to Control a Burgeoning Number of Endpoints? Consider a Centralized Management Strategy

May 02 by Shaun Donaldson

The definition of corporate “endpoints” is constantly evolving, and securing those endpoints is becoming increasingly complex for enterprises. As the SANS Institute points out in its March 2016 Endpoint Security Survey, endpoints now include non-traditional computing devices or "things," and IT professionals are becoming aware of the fact that those endpoints require different thinking around security.

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How Healthcare Organizations Can Be HIPAA Compliant and Bolster Security in a Virtualized IT Environment

Apr 12 by Shaun Donaldson

Healthcare institutions remain among the most targeted organizations when it comes to hacker attacks and other security intrusions. These entities possess a wealth of data, including personal information that cyber criminals can use.

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In Demand: Managed Security Services

Mar 23 by Shaun Donaldson

This is a good time to be a managed security services provider—if you believe industry reports about the robust growth of the market. Even if you don’t believe the research, there is plenty of evidence that many organizations are looking for expert help when it comes to strengthening their security posture against a host of potential threats. And service providers can provide that needed assistance.

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Many CEOs Highly Concerned About Cybersecurity

Feb 15 by Shaun Donaldson

CEOs have a lot on their minds, and one of their biggest concerns today is information security. It’s not a new concern of chief executives. But high-profile hacks against well-known organizations—along with the attention government entities pay to data protection—have helped bring cyber security to the fore now more than ever. 

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