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Author: Shaun Donaldson

Shaun Donaldson is Editor-at-large at Bitdefender Enterprise. Shaun is also responsible for supporting relationships with strategic alliance partners and large enterprise customers, and analyst relations. Before joining Bitdefender, Mr. Donaldson was involved in various technology alliances, enterprise sales and marketing positions within the IT security industry, including Trend Micro, Entrust, Bell Security Solutions and Third Brigade.

All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Study Shows that Organizations are Putting More Money, Senior Management Focus into Cyber Security

Dec 11 by Shaun Donaldson

The latest “State of Information Security Survey” from consulting firm PcW sheds some new light on what organizations are doing to protect their data assets from hacker attacks and other incidents. And it helps to illustrate how cyber security has become a top-of-mind consideration for business leaders as they try to stay a step ahead of the bad actors.

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Sluggish Technology Spending? Not So for Information Security

Nov 05 by Shaun Donaldson

A number of factors are creating a greater sense of urgency for IT security efforts at many organizations. High-profile data breaches, increased online transactions, existing and emerging regulatory mandates, increasingly sophisticated attacks and other factors are forcing business leaders to make data protection a higher priority than it has been.

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Getting More Mature About Info Security

Oct 01 by Shaun Donaldson

How mature is your organization’s cyber security program? It’s a relevant question, especially considering how data breaches have become increasingly prevalent and more damaging for organizations.

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Research Shows Business Executives Are Worried About Cyber Security—And With Good Reason

Sep 29 by Shaun Donaldson

What worries business executives the most these days? Lots of things, but cyber security breaches are certainly among the key concerns.

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Data Breaches and the Loss of Privacy

Sep 21 by Shaun Donaldson

We’ve touched on the issue of online privacy in previous posts, but recent data breaches once again hammer home the fact that virtually no information online is safe from exposure. The key lesson for security executives? If your company experiences a hack that exposes sensitive data, it could lose the trust of valued customers and business partners.

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Endpoint antimalware: breaking down barriers to change

Sep 03 by Shaun Donaldson

When working with organizations, the cost of replacing an incumbent endpoint antimalware solution can be a major roadblock. While operations and security teams may want to deploy a better solution, they need to address internal costs. The following are aspects teams need to consider.

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Wearables Add Yet Another Challenge for Corporate Security

Sep 01 by Shaun Donaldson

Just when many corporate security and IT executives thought they were getting something of a handle on the ever-expanding technology infrastructure, along comes an emerging trend that could make their tasks more complex: wearables in the workplace.

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Myriad point solutions for endpoint security – are you choosing chaos on purpose?

Aug 27 by Shaun Donaldson

Comprehensive security – that which spans as many endpoint types used by an organizations as possible – can be a challenge. With BYOD initiatives, virtualization, and public cloud, the variety of endpoints, which contain or have access to corporate data, is increasing.

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Security for the cloud or security from the cloud? Planning for business

Aug 20 by Shaun Donaldson

There is a lot of talk about “cloud security”, but that simple phrase can mean many things. In general, we should split the conversation between: 1) security for cloud, and 2) security from the cloud. Within the latter, there are distinctions.

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Cyber Threat Intelligence: It’s Good to Share

Jul 22 by Shaun Donaldson

One of the lessons children learn in kindergarten or preschool or even earlier at home is how to share with others.

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Planning a VDI rollout? Security management is easier than you think

Jul 16 by Shaun Donaldson

One of the greatest risks to the success of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) project comes from an unexpected source – the endpoint antimalware. It’s not because of the protection offered (although a VDI deployment can be a great opportunity to upgrade), but rather, it’s because of performance.

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Study Presents a Candid Look at the State of Corporate Information Security

Jul 13 by Shaun Donaldson

A recent and exhaustive report by non-profit research and analysis firm RAND Corp. included some interesting and somewhat discouraging findings regarding the state of corporate information security.

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