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Threat Intelligence – Know Thy Adversary

May 23 by George V. Hulme

Threat intelligence enables enterprises to better understand, detect and respond to threats. To mount a successful defense, enterprises need to know their enemies and anticipate their next move. So far, the defenders have been losing.

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Google Stored Business Customers’ Passwords in Plaintext on Its Servers… For 14 Years

May 22 by Graham Cluley

Google has admitted that some of its business customers of G Suite (formerly known as Google Apps) had their passwords stored on the company’s internal servers for 14 years in plaintext.

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Phishing Attacks against SaaS, Webmail Services Rise Sharply in Q1

May 20 by Luana Pascu

Believing that security incidents are imminent and probably unavoidable, enterprises are turning to advanced digital forensics to better understand and identify bad actors, and are open to using deception through technology such as honey pots or seeding fake data to help hunt down cybercriminals later, according to Neustar research. They’re also open to using deceptive tactics, such as deploying honey pots or seeding fake data to help hunt down cybercriminals later.

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Bitdefender at Citrix Synergy – Security Done Right

At Bitdefender, we understand the security challenges that organizations face in this ever-accelerating, hybrid, multi-cloud world. From small to very large, companies encounter common issues. We have been collaborating with Citrix to anticipate and address your cloud workload-protection challenges.

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Don’t Let Your Security Operations Team Suffer Alert Fatigue! 

May 16 by Bogdan Carlescu

Bitdefender IntelliTriage, the new Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) module, enables security operations to: 

  • Reduce security incident investigation and response time 
  • Focus efforts only on threats that represent a risk to the organization 
  • Lower the skill and resource requirements for threat hunting 
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FBI Detects New Surveillance Malware Linked to North Korea’s Lazarus Group

May 14 by Luana Pascu

Critical networks are caught in the crossfire of the battle over industrial secrets, tech patents, military operations and financial information. A month after the US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) released a joint security advisory warning that a critical backdoor Trojan was in the wild, comes a new alert.

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GandCrab Claims Supremacy: Most Prevalent Ransomware in the World Reaches 50% Market Share

May 13 by Filip Truta

Ransomware drains billions from the global economy each year and shows no signs of slowing down. However, the highest cost of a ransomware attack is no longer the ransom itself. Today, the bulk of the financial damage consists of downtime, tarnished reputations and regulatory fines.

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Social Breaches Targeting C-level Executives Spike in 2018, Verizon Says

May 10 by Luana Pascu

While hackers are often driven by financial gain through extortion schemes, state-sponsored criminal groups actively targeted the public administration sector for cyberespionage purposes in 2018. 16 percent of breaches occurred in public administration where “cyberespionage is rampant,” while 15 percent affected healthcare companies and 10 percent involved financial companies, Verizon found after analyzing more than 41,000 security incidents and confirmed data breaches in the US.

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No Enterprise Is A Cybersecurity Island

May 09 by George V. Hulme

While the 400 year old John Donne poem, No Man is an Island, is about the interconnectedness of the individual to humanity, it could just as easily had been written about the nature of cybersecurity and modern technology.

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Poor Password Hygiene Leaving US and UK Businesses Vulnerable to Attack

May 08 by Filip Truta

New research shows that despite increasing fears around cyber threats, companies in the US and the UK are behind in implementing best practices and technology to lock down and protect passwords.

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Sensitive Data Can Lurk on Second-hand Hard Drives

May 07 by Graham Cluley

As budgets tighten it’s not uncommon for consumers and organisations alike to save a few pennies, and buy previously-used IT equipment and storage devices.

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Government Data at Risk as Agencies Fail to Comply with Standards

May 06 by Filip Truta

The very bodies that should set an example in protecting sensitive data are the same ones that are failing to comply with existing standards, new research indicates.

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