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All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

How to Mitigate the Most Common Cloud Vulnerabilities

Feb 03 by Filip Truta

The US National Security Agency (NSA) has published an important document outlining the main classes of cloud vulnerabilities and the ways an organization can go about addressing them.

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IT Auditors in the Spotlight

Jan 31 by Bob Violino

IT auditors—the people who conduct examinations of the management controls within an organization’s IT infrastructure to determine if technology assets are secure and to ensure data integrity—have had their hands full lately.

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How One Company Rebuffed Its Ransomware Aggressors and Froze Their $1M Bitcoin Wallet

Jan 30 by Filip Truta

A Canadian insurance company that fell victim to ransomware last year has managed to obtain the decryptor from its aggressors, then went on to freeze their Bitcoin wallet using a clever trick.

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Run-Up to the Tokyo Olympics - Teleworking Threats in the Security Spotlight

Jan 30 by Graham Cluley

Earlier this week, police in Japan launched what was described as a "three day public-private cybersecurity exercise" focusing on the risks faced by teleworkers.

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Six Signs You have a Great Cybersecurity Culture

Jan 29 by George V. Hulme

What is security culture? There’s lots of talk about how important security culture is to a security program, but security culture is a nebulous concept to attempt to define — and harder still to measure. It’s also, apparently, difficult to achieve: a survey from the IT governance professional’s organization ISACA found that nine in ten enterprises said they have a gap between the security culture they want to have and the actual culture they have in place.

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The Future of Endpoint Security and Other Cyber Controls

Jan 28 by Silviu Stahie

From humble beginnings of protecting traditional PCs, endpoint security has evolved to protect complex systems in large organizations, safeguarding diverse environments including business-issued hardware, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) programs, and more. The latest TAG Cyber Security Annual report spots the trends in endpoint security and how they relate to cybersecurity in general.

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MDR, taking the complexity out of security

Jan 28 by Silviu Stahie

Many companies are coming to the realization that an effective anti-malware tool is insufficient to protect their business in today’s threat landscape. It is this realization that has driven the uptake of a more comprehensive service, known to the industry as Managed Detection and Response, or MDR for short. This service helps small to medium enterprises limit risk to their businesses by outsourcing 24/7 Detect and Response operations  to an established service provider allowing them to reduce complexity and cost.

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Data Privacy Day Should Come 365 Times a Year

Jan 28 by Liviu Arsene

Precisely 13 years ago, on January 28, the Council of Europe initiated European Data Protection Day to raise awareness of best practices for data protection and to help boost knowledge about personal data among organizations and individuals.

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Average Ransomware Payment Doubles from Q3 to Q4 2019, Study Reveals

Jan 28 by Silviu Stahie

The price of a ransomware attack can be ascertained more precisely than other types of attacks, and a new study unveils the expected costs that a company incurs during such an event.

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Smaller Companies Need to Step Up Their Cyber Security Efforts

Jan 27 by Bob Violino

Whenever we hear about major cyber security attacks such as data breaches, it’s typically larger enterprises that are the victims. That makes sense, considering those events can potentially impact a lot of people and therefore are more likely to grab headlines and garner attention.

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Examining Risk in the Corporate Environment

Jan 24 by Bob Violino

Of all the possible concerns global businesses can have, cyber security threats are at the top of the list, according to recent research by insurance firm The Travelers Companies.

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Success of Cyber-Attacks on U.S. Govts May Stem from Innovation Paralysis

Jan 23 by Filip Truta

Cyber-attacks on government institutions and critical infrastructures have increased considerably in recent years, with the United States seemingly painted as the bullseye for ransomware operators in 2019. Infosec experts argue that state institutions spend too little on cybersecurity, and a recent study shows they may be right

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