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Debunking The BlueKeep Exploit Hype – What You Should Know

Nov 07 by Andra Cazacu

WannaCry is still fresh in our memory, reminding organizations of how distractive an unpatched vulnerability can be especially if weaponized as a wormable threat that delivers ransomware. BlueKeep has been estimated to have the same disruptive potential as EternalBlue (the exploit responsible for WannaCry) if sporting worm-like behavior, especially since RDP is a commonly used service in organizations, allowing IT and security teams to remotely dial into machines.

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Implementing Security Best Practices in the Virtual Data Center

Nov 06 by Michael Rosen
  • Virtual data center security must be agile and mapped in real-time to virtual infrastructure management tools
  • Offloading of anti-malware scanning improves user experience, reduces redundant scans, and provides high availability
  • Born-secure VM instantiation ensures compliance, improves virtualization density, and minimizes application latency
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Throwing More Money at Cyber Security Challenges Will Not Necessarily Address Them—Companies Need to Spend Wisely

Nov 06 by Bob Violino

Here’s a disturbing bit of information: a large number of IT security leaders and teams don’t know if cyber security tools are working as they should, despite organizations investing millions of dollars in such technology each year.

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The Security Megatrends in 2020

Nov 05 by George V. Hulme

Cybersecurity trends are always evolving. And the Security Industry Association, a trade group that focuses on physical and cyber security, believes it has identified the security “megatrends” that will dominate the immediate and long-term changes within the international security industry.

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Transparent Cybersecurity Policies Make Companies More Attractive to Investors

Nov 04 by Silviu Stahie

Companies that are transparent about their cybersecurity risk management efforts are more attractive to investors, after or before a data breach happens in their industry.

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Employee Negligence Remains the Biggest Threat in Data Breaches

Nov 01 by Silviu Stahie

The biggest worry for companies should be employee negligence, which remains the primary factor in data breaches, the Bitdefender Hacked Off! survey revealed.

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Younger Workers Lax when it Comes to Cybersecurity, Survey Finds

Nov 01 by George V. Hulme

During the 1964 Free Speech Movement at the University of California, Berkeley, activist Jack Weinberg said: “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Well, when it comes to cybersecurity, it may be more accurate to say Don’t trust anyone under 30.

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60% of Breaches in 2019 Involved Unpatched Vulnerabilities

Oct 31 by Filip Truta

Companies worldwide have mustered the motivation to address the most common cybersecurity challenges, but are hampered by technological and procedural lapses, new research shows.

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FBI Advises SMBs on Dangers of E-Skimming

Oct 30 by Silviu Stahie

As part of cybersecurity month, the FBI is warning small and medium businesses (SMBs) about the dangers of e-skimming, a practice that could allow hackers to intercept online credit card payments.

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Security Professionals Hope AI Will Solve What Ails Them

Oct 29 by George V. Hulme

The 2019 Cybersecurity and Threat Preparedness Survey found that 65% of the cybersecurity and IT executives surveyed believe that artificial intelligence and machine learning will be able to solve more security problems than humans can solve.

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Data Breaches Force 10% of Small Company Victims Out of Business

Oct 28 by Silviu Stahie

Cyberattacks are among the most dangerous threats for small businesses, with 25% of affected organizations filing for bankruptcy and 10% going out of business entirely, according to a new survey.

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Trust in Companies’ Ability to Protect Personal Data Is on the Decline

Oct 24 by Filip Truta

The stakes are higher than ever for hacked companies today as most customers say they would completely abandon a brand following a breach.

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