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All about Virtualization and Cloud Security | Recent Articles:

Security is a Critical Factor in Determining where Enterprises Will Run Their Application

Jan 16 by Razvan Muresan

Some 71% of CISOs rank data security and compliance as the most important factor when choosing where to put their application workloads, according to a recent survey by Nutanix.

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Many Companies Lack CISOs amid Steeper Compliance Demands

Jan 15 by Filip Truta

Does your business include cyber and privacy management in digital transformation "fully from the start"? Are you comfortable with your reporting on metrics for cyber and privacy risk management? These are among the key questions consulting firm PwC wants businesses to answer in 2019.

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Container Security Incidents to Rise in 2019 as Companies Knowingly Deploy Vulnerable Containers

Jan 14 by Luana Pascu

The popularity of container technology has grown fast in software engineering, but 60 percent of organizations suffered at least one container-related security incident in 2018, mostly caused by the advancement of DevOps teams, according to Tripwire’s State of Container Security Report. 71 percent anticipate an increase in container security incidents in 2019, most likely raising the costs of hybrid cloud security.

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Hybrid Clouds Bring New Complexities—and Security Risks

Jan 10 by Razvan Muresan

Building a hybrid cloud environment can provide a host of benefits for organizations, including a level of flexibility and agility not possible with a traditional on-premise data center infrastructure. But it can also create complexities that can lead to increased risk for enterprises.

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“Make No Mistake, American Companies Are Squarely in the Cross-Hairs of Well-Financed Nation-State Actors,” U.S. Counter-Spy Center Says

Jan 09 by Filip Truta

To enhance private sector awareness, the U.S. government is highlighting the biggest threats faced by American companies from enemy states.

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NIST Releases Guide to Better Manage Privileged Accounts

Jan 08 by George V. Hulme

Privileged accounts are those accounts you most definitely never want to lose control over. These accounts include what used to be commonly called “superuser” accounts, those accounts that provide the highest level of access to a system, such as a server, local endpoints, and others. You can consider privileged accounts to be like administrative accounts that provide a higher level of access, typically to configure, manage and otherwise support a system. These types of accounts are often unrestricted, or lightly restricted.

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Healthcare Continues to Be Prime Target for Cyber Attacks

Jan 07 by Razvan Muresan

Few industries today are faced with as many cyber security threats as the healthcare sector. Patient data is among the most sensitive information in the digital ecosystem, and cyber criminals are often looking to leverage these resources for profit.

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Moving into 2019, HHS Urges Healthcare Practitioners and Executives to Bolster Defenses Against Cybercrime

Jan 04 by Filip Truta

Amid growing fears about cybercrime in healthcare, the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has released guidelines to healthcare organizations of all types and sizes, ranging from local clinics to large hospital systems.

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Japan to Store Critical Data Domestically Amid Cyberwar Fears

Jan 03 by Filip Truta

Strengthening its cybersecurity measures against China and other potential state-sponsored threats, Japan is on track to impose domestic storage of electronic data generated by critical infrastructures like power and water suppliers.

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Top Security Challenges for the Financial Services Industry in 2018

Dec 31 by Luana Pascu

The financial services industry falls victim to cybersecurity attacks 300 times more often than any other. 47.5% of financial institutions were breached in the past year, while 58.5% have experienced an advanced attack or seen signs of suspicious behavior in their infrastructure, according to a Bitdefender white paper.

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The Top Five Cybersecurity Incidents of 2018

Dec 28 by Filip Truta

According to some estimates, cybercrime causes 600 billion dollars a year in financial losses. And despite lessons from past incidents, players in all verticals still incur massive damage every year as a result of breaches by hackers.

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Healthcare Data Breaches Associated with 64% Increase in Advertising Expenditures

Dec 27 by Filip Truta

Despite the risk of tremendous loss in a breach, healthcare providers (HCPs) are slow to build strong cybersecurity defenses around their business.

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