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One in Six Businesses Pay Ransom to Cybercriminals, New Research Shows

Jun 23 by Alina Bizga

Last year, one in six businesses met ransom demands of cybercriminals, according to the most recent Hiscox Cyber Readiness Report.

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Number of Breached Records Continues to Soar

Jun 23 by George V. Hulme

We get so deluged with news stories about data breaches that it’s easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees. Consider, according to a newly released report from ForgeRock, the ForgeRock Consumer Identity Breach Report, which found that more than 5 billion records were exposed last year. That’s a lot of information on a lot of information pertaining to a lot of people.

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Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises to Increase Cyber Insurance Spending

Jun 22 by Silviu Stahie

Most small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are planning to increase their cyber-insurance spending in the next couple of years,  according to a new industry report. 

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Cloud Security Spending to Buoy the Security Market in 2020

Jun 21 by Ericka Chickowski

Enterprises are putting the brakes temporarily on security spending amid the chaos of the global pandemic, but analysts believe that 2020 will still see growth in the market. A new worldwide security and risk management spending forecast released by Gartner this week updated numbers downward, with the firm projecting infosec spending to grow 2.4% this year compared to the more rosy 8.7% it predicted in December 2019. If the stats hold, the security market will hit $123.8 billion by year end.

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Misconfigurations, Poorly Managed Access Help Drive Data Breach Risks

Jun 20 by George V. Hulme

Enterprise digital transformations are making the jobs of enterprise security teams to properly manage and secure their environments even more challenging. After all, as digital transformations have rapidly increased the complexity of environments as technology teams strain to maintain existing systems, deploy new cloud services, manage IoT devices, and constantly develop and deploy more applications.  

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As Layoffs Loom, Be Cognizant of Increased Insider Risk

Jun 19 by George V. Hulme

Since the very beginnings of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, businesses of all sizes have struggled to adjust to the new occupational normal. IT teams have not been immune to the disruption. Neither have information security teams for that matter. While employment in the IT sector remains much more resilient than other segments of the economy, employment in the IT sector still declined by about 1% last month, even as businesses compete for technical talent and continue digital transformations.

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Most Forbes Global 2000 Companies Lack Basic Domain Security

Jun 18 by Silviu Stahie

Most Forbes Global 2000 organizations don’t have even basic domain security in place, leaving them open to attacks with potentially devastating consequences, according to a report from Digital Brand Services (DBS). 

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The Cybersecurity Skills Gap Continues, with SOCs Lacking as Many as 10 Key Employees in 2020

Jun 18 by Filip Truta

The vast majority of security operations centers (SOCs) are confident in their ability to counter cyber threats, yet few of their frontline workers can aptly track mean time to detection, while organizations still struggle with SOC staff shortages, new research shows.

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Apple Announced Open Source Password Management Initiative

Jun 17 by George V. Hulme

Passwords are a huge hassle. We all must use them, and generally hate doing so. There’s no way to sugarcoat it. The typical user has hundreds of username and password combinations that they must remember and manage. We all forget and must reset passwords regularly. And, over time, many of these accounts, along with the associated passwords, will be abandoned. And over time, they will be compromised. Because so many people reuse their passwords, those credentials will lead to data breaches.

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Business That Compromise User Data Could Lose Customer Loyalty for Years

Jun 17 by Silviu Stahie

Customers will avoid businesses that compromise users’ data during the COVID-19 pandemic because of poor security practices, new research from PCI Pal has found. 

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Half of Security Professionals Had No Contingency Plan in Place for COVID-19

Jun 17 by Liviu Arsene

Security has been a huge concern for both businesses and individuals as many employees continue to work from home, with many woefully under prepared for the impact that COVID-19 has had. In fact, new research by Bitdefender found half of infosec professionals (50%) didn’t have a contingency plan in place for COVID-19 or a similar scenario. These findings, and more, are revealed today in the first instalment of Bitdefender’s yet to be released global 10 in 10 Study. The section — The Indelible Impact of COVID-19 on Cybersecurity — details the pressures faced by infosec professionals during COVID-19.

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Bad Actors Target Unsecure Databases An Average of 18 Times Per Day, New Research Shows

Jun 16 by Alina Bizga

Many companies accidentally leave their databases exposed on the web, and data breaches or security incidents occur daily. Unsecured and misconfigured servers often lead to data leaks that can become logistical and legal nightmares for companies, leaving the privacy and security of customers or company assets at risk.

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