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Measuring Security Continuum Shift: Where Are You On Endpoints?

Jul 16 by Ed Amoroso

Cyber security pros often conceptualize a linear continuum of protection strategy: The left portion of the line represents security measures that tend to be more preventive of cyber threats, and the right portion represents more reactive approaches. In the early days of cyber security, it was believed that any shift to the right was a concession to the adversary. More recently, however, shifts right are often viewed as showing justified respect for the adversary.

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Poor Healthcare Industry Security Hygiene Places Lives at Risk

Jul 15 by George V. Hulme

No one wants to go to the doctor’s office. Well, I guess some people do. I’m certainly not one of them. But imagine going to the doctor and then watching in horror as the medical equipment or computers the teams of doctors are working on aren’t working.  That, suddenly, the come under attack just as you are “going under the knife.”

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Disappointed by Cloud Security and High Cost, Organizations Move Data Back on Premises

Jul 12 by Luana Pascu

The cloud-based approach is growing in popularity among businesses worldwide, with more enterprises feeling confident in making the shift. Yet they feel obliged to take a different path due to concerns about data security in cloud computing, according to 24% of them, as well as limited budgets and high costs (22%), according to a recent survey from Netwrix.

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Bitdefender Expands Sandbox Workflows and Use-Cases with On-Prem Deployment

Jul 11 by Michael Rosen
  • Bitdefender announces controlled availability release of GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises 
  • Improves targeted attack detection across multiple vectors with enhanced data security and privacy 
  • Integrates with Bitdefender and third-party solutions for complex workflows and automated response  
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GDPR Bares Its Fangs: €315 Million in Penalties over Just Three Days

Jul 10 by Filip Truta

In only three days, businesses big and small with customers in the European Union have been told to cough up a cumulated €315 million in penalties after failing to comply with the GDPR rulebook.

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AI in Cybersecurity Expected to Surpass $38 Billion

Jul 09 by George V. Hulme

The market for AI in cybersecurity is expected to soar. According to the market research firm Markets and Markets, sales and support of AI software and services will reach $38 billion by 2026 — up from nearly $9 billion this year.

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Two Years After WannaCry, NHS Still Not Properly Safeguarded Against New Attacks

Jul 08 by Filip Truta

A combination of outdated computer systems, lack of investment, and a deficit of skills and awareness in cyber security is placing NHS hospitals at risk, researchers have warned.

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Vulnerabilities in US Defense Could Lead to Major Breach in Two Years, Says Black Hat Survey

Jul 05 by Luana Pascu

After Russians used techniques such as spearphishing emails and troll farms to inundate social media and influence the 2016 US election, concerns that the 2020 election is up for similar compromise are increasing. US intelligence and officials from the Democratic party are concerned that “Donald Trump and a powerful Senate ally are downplaying these concerns and not doing enough to thwart interfering,” according to The Guardian.

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Most CISOs Believe Companies Stake Their Reputations on Cybersecurity Budgets, Survey Shows

Jul 04 by Razvan Muresan

Nine in 10 IT security professionals say their companies can improve their reputations by better protecting data, according to a Bitdefender survey. CISOs and their teams also admit a weak posture could have the opposite effect, as seen in countless headlines in recent years that have sullied corporate images following security breaches.

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Incident Response Lessons Learned from JPL Cybersecurity Fails

Jul 03 by Ericka Chickowski

A few weeks ago, the U.S. federal bureaucrats from the NASA Office of the Inspector General’s audit division put together a thorough document detailing the security woes at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). The details come together in a classic “what not to do” anti-case study that many security professionals are probably familiar with at this point. It’s a good read for security people interested in learning from the mistakes of others.

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Italian Regulator Fines Facebook €1 million in Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Jul 02 by Luana Pascu

Fines don’t stop rolling when Facebook is involved. Italy’s data protection watchdog,  Il Garante per la protezione dei dati, has just hit the tech company with a €1 million fine for mishandling user data following the Cambridge Analytica scandal, writes TechCrunch.

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Insider Threat Detection a Serious Problem for U.S. Businesses

Jul 01 by Filip Truta

Preventative security technologies like firewalls and application blacklisting aren’t always enough to safeguard an organization’s IT infrastructure. Businesses often face internal threats, so a cybersecurity strategy must include tools and processes for rapid detection and response. However, strategies often don’t.

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