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Bitdefender Launches New Dedicated Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Product and Some Important GravityZone Enhancements

  • Bitdefender Endpoint Detection and Response is our new EDR product that supplements any third-party endpoint security solution
  • GravityZone gets a new executive dashboard and an enhanced SIEM connector
  • All Bitdefender EDR products now feature custom EDR detection rules capabilities
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Most Executives Worry about Security Risks Accompanying Remote Workers, Survey Finds

Nov 29 by Silviu Stahie
  • IT executives fear that people working from home bring new and unknown risks
  • Some companies can’t keep pace with the rhythm of changes in cybersecurity
  • The current remote workforce scenario is likely to remain in place for the next 18 months
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New Bitdefender EDR for MSPs, Ransomware Mitigation and additional enhancements

Nov 27 by Cristian Iordache
  • New lightweight Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product that works alongside third-party AV/Endpoint Security products
  • New Ransomware Mitigation – Ability to restore files encrypted in a ransomware attack from tamper-proof copies (Available from the console for all MSPS without extra cost)
  • Risk Analytics enhancements – Calculate risk scores taking into account the industry and specific threats and toggle user activity monitoring on/off
  • New Executive Dashboard - Get all the key information around detections and security posture for customer companies in an easy-to-use visual format that can be shared with clients
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Business Interruption Is the Main Cost Driver of Cyber Insurance Claims, Says Allianz

Nov 27 by Filip Truta
  • External attacks cause the most costly cyber losses, but internal incidents like human error or systems failure are more frequent
  • Inability to access data or services can affect revenues significantly, given growing reliance on online sales
  • Rise in ransomware attacks, the cost of lmega breaches and the Covid-19 working landscape present significant cyber risks for the future
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Automation to Drive Tidal Wave of Spear Phishing Campaigns in 2021, Researchers Predict

Nov 26 by Filip Truta
  • Email remains the biggest threat to corporate infrastructures
  • Cyber-criminals are creating tools that automate the manual aspects of phishing attacks – especially spear phishing campaigns
  • By combining automation with programs that scan data from social media networks and company websites, phishers can send detailed, believable spear phishing emails, with content customized to each victim
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US Organizations Hit by Ransomware More than Rest of the World Combined, New Research Shows

Nov 25 by Filip Truta
  • 57% of all ransomware attacks tracked by the company in 2020 took place in the US
  • Ransom payments in 2020 average roughly $176,000 per victim
  • In 2020, ransomware operators focused almost exclusively on organizations staffing tens of thousands of employees

A recent look at the state of ransomware in 2020 reveals that the US has seen more targeted attacks than any other country. In fact, all other countries combined haven’t suffered enough attacks to equal the States.

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Enterprises Skimping On Basic Cybersecurity Controls

Nov 25 by George V. Hulme
  • The benefits of connected medical devices outweigh the risks.
  • Despite remote security risks, businesses failing to take basic steps to mitigate risk
  • Still, many enterprises believe increased remote work will remain long after the pandemic passes
  • There are steps enterprises should take to mitigate data security risks
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Business Sector Increasingly Adopting AI Cybersecurity to Tackle Advanced Threats

Nov 24 by Filip Truta
  • Report presents changing perspectives of cybersecurity globally
  • Nearly half of organizations plan to extend cognitive and AI capabilities for security to detect and respond to attacks faster
  • Researchers note an increase in R&D, with half of worldwide cybersecurity-related patents filed in the last four years focusing on AI and ML
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Common IoT Devices Become the ISPs' Worst Enemy

Nov 23 by Silviu Stahie
  • IoT devices are everywhere and many users don’t even realize they own such hardware
  • Some of the largest DDoS devices originate from IoT botnets
  • Security is now in the hands of ISP and smart routers
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Despite Security Concerns, Connected Medical Device Use Soars

Nov 23 by George V. Hulme
  • The benefits of connected medical devices outweigh the risks.
  • While healthcare organizations know what steps they must take to secure these devices, the right precautions aren't taken
  • too often.
  • Security deficiencies include lack of network segmentation, poor implementation of encryption and protocols.
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The Cost of Cybersecurity Incidents Is on the Rise, Mainly Due to Human Error or Systems Failure

Nov 20 by Silviu Stahie
  • The number of cyber insurance claims is on the rise since 2016
  • Business interruption is more expensive than the incident itself
  • Ransomware is responsible for more than $100 billion in losses
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Ransomware Downtime Costs Doubled Since 2019, MSPs Report

Nov 19 by Filip Truta
  • Remote work and cloud computing contribute to increase in ransomware attacks
  • Healthcare industry most vulnerable during pandemic
  • 54% of MSPs say phishing is the most successful ransomware attack vector
  • One in four MSPs reported ransomware attacks on clients’ SaaS applications
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