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How to Improve Threat Visibility and Reduce Time to Detection with Network Traffic Analytics (NTA)

Feb 25 by Bogdan Carlescu

Network Traffic Analytics is a new category of security solution designed to improve visibility into threat-related activity and reduce the dwell time of advanced attacks.

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Average Ransomware Payment Rose 13% to $6,700 in Q4 2018 from Q3

Feb 22 by Filip Truta

Despite knowing better, many organizations cave into attackers’ demands, paying ransomware operators whatever they ask for in exchange for the decryption keys to their locked data.

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Downtime Can Cost a Company up to $67 Million Over Two Years, Threatening Brand Reputation

Feb 21 by Filip Truta

A cyber-incident inflicts damage beyond just downtime and recovery costs. A breach can spell disaster for a company’s image, leading to devaluation, lost business, high turnover, and even bankruptcy in extreme cases. However, a breach isn’t the only cyber-threat lurking in the business sector.

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The Impact of Quantum Computing on Cybersecurity

Feb 20 by George V. Hulme

Earlier this year, Quantum computing took another big step out of the laboratory and toward commercial viability with the release of the IBM Q System One. Last year Google announced its ‘Bristlecone’ Quantum Computing Chip.

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US Version of GDPR Could Be in the Cards for 2019

Feb 19 by Luana Pascu

Only three months short of its first year anniversary on May 28, it’s time to take a look at EU’s GDPR by numbers. Enforced to protect European users from unethical and illegal commercial practices, the internet privacy law has so far led to three major fines for privacy infringement.

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Fear of Data Breaches Driving Big Businesses to Raise Spending on IT in 2019, Survey Shows

Feb 18 by Filip Truta

54 percent of companies will increase IT security spending in 2019, and almost a third will do so by 10 to 20 percent or more, according to a study by eSecurity Planet. The reason? Fear of data breaches and the penalties under new privacy regulations like Europe’s GDPR.

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Bank of Valletta Shuts Down Operations after Hackers Attempt 13 Million EUR Transfer Overseas

Feb 15 by Luana Pascu

Financial services organizations operate with high volumes of valuable data, making them an attractive target for hackers. They are vulnerable to scams, fraud and banking Trojans, so data security in this sector is critical. IT executives struggle to optimize cybersecurity, as they often deal with low budgets and a lack of skilled workers to implement better security. These are top roadblocks, especially as open banking exposes their data and infrastructure to third-party vulnerabilities.

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Healthcare's Cybersecurity Radiography: Only One in Six Organizations Can Detect Advanced Threats

Feb 14 by Razvan Muresan

The healthcare sector has to store increasing quantities of personally identifiable and sensitive information, making it one of the most attractive targets for data theft.  However, according to EY’s Global Information Security Survey 2018-2019, the sector’s awareness of cyber risks is growing, and many organizations are determined to put stronger protections in place.

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Australian Government Worries Businesses Don’t Focus Enough on Securing Commercial Secrets

Feb 13 by Luana Pascu

Not taking security strategy and execution seriously enough to come up with a proper incident response program is a problem that is regularly noticed. Businesses large and small fear customer information, financial data or corporate secrets will fall to the wrong hands in an advanced malware attack. But they keep investing in the wrong projects, work with outdated software, don’t train employees about passwords and phishing to prevent human error and internal attacks, and don’t look into third-party vulnerability protection.

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Average DDoS Attack Volume Tripled in a Year, New Data Reveals

Feb 12 by Filip Truta

Hackers are hitting European businesses with an increasing number of attacks meant to disrupt their operations, according to new data from DDoS protection experts. Both the volume and the complexity of the attacks is growing, and over half used multiple attack vectors.

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The Short (and Longer) Term Remaining Damage of the Government Closure on Cybersecurity

Feb 11 by George V. Hulme

While the U.S. Federal government is running (for now) again, there remains a concern that the partial shutdown will have a long-term impact on the cybersecurity readiness of the nation.

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40% of Organizations Will Adopt Biometric SaaS Authentication by 2022, Gartner Predicts

Feb 08 by Luana Pascu

The ‘bring-your-own-device to work’ trend has made traditional security methods appear obsolete. It seems the good old-fashioned password authentication or code received via text on a smartphone can’t cut it anymore. Multi-factor authentication and biometric security appear to be the answer for now for both organizations and consumers.

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