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Mobile Device Data Breach Leads to $3 Million HIPAA Settlement

Dec 04 by George V. Hulme

While there’s been a lull in 2019, the data breach and regulatory-related fines from the Department of Health and Human Services do keep piling up.

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GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises Now Generally Available

Dec 04 by Michael Rosen
  • Bitdefender announces the general availability release of GravityZone Sandbox Analyzer On-Premises
  • Automates suspicious file submission from standard ICAP clients including web, email, and cloud gateways
  • Improves targeted attack detection through Golden Image management and parallel sample detonation
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Network Security Spending Rises as Business Environments Grow Too Complex for Traditional Endpoint Security

Dec 03 by Filip Truta

The increasing instances of data breaches and cyber-attacks on critical business infrastructure are driving European organizations to invest more in cybersecurity solutions and focus more on network security, according to a new report.

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We Phish You a Very Merry Christmas and a Fraudulent New Year

Dec 02 by Ericka Chickowski

The holiday season is kicking into full gear, and so is the annual holiday cybercrime surge. As gift givers scour the web to seek out the best deals, cybercrooks put in extra work to profit off of the holiday shopping frenzy.

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Palo Alto Networks Employee Data Breach Highlights Risks Posed by Third Party Vendors

Nov 29 by Graham Cluley

As Business Insider reports, Palo Alto Networks has suffered a data breach.

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SOC Prevalence and Maturity on the Rise

Nov 28 by Ericka Chickowski

While most individual security analysts today are still overworked and battling burnout, the good news is that the process and organizational support they need is improving across the industry. A new report out last week shows that security programs are growing more mature and performing better as the number of organizations with formal security operations centers (SOC) experiences a huge spike.

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Spate of Ransomware Attacks on Healthcare Providers Raises Serious Health Concerns

Nov 27 by Filip Truta

Ransomware operators don’t discriminate between targets, hitting everything from industrial control systems and government agencies to small businesses and regular people sitting at home watching YouTube. Depending on the target, the damage can range from mere nuisance to catastrophe.

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Study Finds Companies May Be Wise to Share Cybersecurity Efforts

Nov 26 by George V. Hulme

It turns out, if recent research is any indication, when one company is breached in a vertical market other companies in that vertical market become less attractive places for investors to stick their capital. Yet, when companies share their cybersecurity risk management they significantly outperform their peers that don’t disclose their cybersecurity efforts.

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Almost Half of SMB Executives Believe Employees Can’t Recognize Phishing

Nov 25 by Silviu Stahie
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Let Bitdefender take care of your Business Security over the Holidays

The holidays are a chaotic time for everyone, especially small business owners. Not only are they caring for the needs of their family, they are delivering their customers the excellent service that small business owners pride themselves on.

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How to Get 360-Degree Visibility and Increased Cyber-Resilience

Nov 21 by Bogdan Carlescu

Why do organizations get breached? With all the investments in cybersecurity breaches still, occur. Details vary from case to case but if you boil down to the bottom of the incident you will most likely find the same basic story: lack of visibility and ineffective response to the emerging threats. Too many systems and too many tools, combined with limited human resources are usually strong contributors to the problem.

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Smaller DDoS Attacks Against Organizations Quadruple on Year in Q3, Survey Shows

Nov 20 by Silviu Stahie

The number of smaller and more concentrated DDoS attacks (distributed denial-of-service) has increased in Q3 2019, highlighting a new trend that seems to be gaining momentum, according to research from online risk analytics firm Neustar.

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