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Global Cybercrime Will Cost Businesses $11.4 Million Per Minute by 2021

Sep 03 by Filip Truta
  • Cybercrime will cost more than $11 million per minute globally by 2021
  • Organizations spend on average $25 per minute to tackle malicious activity
  • Threat intelligence emerges as a key asset in defending the enterprise against cyber threats

The global cost of cybercrime has doubled since 2015. Cybercrime now costs organizations $25 per minute and will have a per-minute global cost of more than $11 million by 2021, according to a new report.

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61% of Companies Have Suffered an Insider Attack in the Past Year

Sep 02 by Filip Truta
  • 50% of businesses find it harder to detect insider threats after migrating to the cloud
  • customer data is the most vulnerable to insider attacks
  • the average cost of remediation after an insider attack is anywhere between $100,000 and $2 million

Insider threats pose a significant danger to any organization. This danger is exacerbated as the global pandemic forces a shift to cloud applications and remote work. According to a new report, 50% of businesses find it harder to detect insider threats after migrating to the cloud.

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Meeting Customer Security Needs along Their Security Maturity Journey

Sep 01 by Gavin Hill
  • Security is not only a technology problem. It’s also a people problem
  • The impact in mean time to respond (MTTR) is increasing as a direct result of a lack of time to investigate every alert
  • New MDR services are designed to help customers instantly up-level their incident response capabilities
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Botnet and Exploit Activity Goes Up as Cybercriminals Shift Focus, Report Shows

Aug 31 by Silviu Stahie
  • Botnet activity is on the rise in Q2 2020
  • Threat actors no longer interested in COVID-10 themes
  • ZeroAccess botnet responsible for much of the current activity

Threat actors have changed their attack vectors and other techniques and procedures (TTP), shifting from COVID-19 themes to more timely subjects like the Black Lives Matter movement and the upcoming US election, according to a new report.

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Why Hosted Security Matters?

Aug 31 by Bogdan Carlescu
  • Hosted Security solutions are quick to deploy, operationally friendly, flexible and more effective
  • To choose the best hosted security platform, organizations should look at the ability to detect threats as well as how the solution deals with the human element
  • GravityZone Ultra won PC Mag’s Editors’ Choice award as the Best Hosted Endpoint Protection and Security Software for 2020
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Even Prior to the Pandemic and Work-From-Home, Many Organizations Were Bolstering Cyber Security

Aug 27 by Bob Violino

The coronavirus pandemic has created a number of new cyber security threats and vulnerabilities, not the least of which is the need to support a massive shift to remote work. The worldwide health crisis has presented hackers and other cyber criminals with opportunities to take advantage of the upheaval in business.

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ISPs Have to Protect Smart Homes to Protect Their Business

Aug 26 by Silviu Stahie

  • Smart homes are already here
  • Cybercriminals look for IoT vulnerabilities
  • Smart home security is a job for ISPs

More and more people have smart homes these days, and the IoT industry's expansion will likely rapidly increase the number of smart homes. It's a situation that should make everyone happy, but the current state of IoT security should have ISPs a lot more worried.

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APT Mercenary Groups Pose Real Threat to Companies But Detecting Tactics and Techniques is Within Reach

Aug 26 by Liviu Arsene
  • Bitdefender identified a new attack attributed to a sophisticated actor offering advanced-persistent-threats-as-a-service
  • The targeted company is engaged in architectural projects with billion-dollar luxury real-estate developers in New York, London, Australia and Oman
  • The Bitdefender technology stacks detect the used payloads as well as the malicious behavior
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Bitdefender’s MDR – Lessons Learned in Uniform

Aug 25 by Daniel Clayton
  • Forward thinking security operations are steered by threat intelligence and built on data-driven analytics to hunt
  • ‘Active defense’ measures were developed within the military and have proven effective against even the most advanced and persistent of adversaries
  • Security is no longer just a technology problem, but a people problem too
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Law Enforcement Agencies Warn of Vishing Attacks Targeting Employees

Aug 25 by Silviu Stahie

The FBI and Cybersecurity and the US Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) issued an advisory regarding a voice phishing, or vishing, campaign directly targeting employees working from home.

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BEC Operators Switch Focus on Finance Department Employees (over Executives), New Data Shows

Aug 24 by Filip Truta

The shift to remote work amid the COVID-19 pandemic makes employees more susceptible to BEC attacks and gives threat actors the opportunity to apply tactics likely to be successful given these working conditions, new research shows.

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Nearly 40 Percent of UK Businesses Laid Off Staff Due to Security Policy Breaches Since Work-from-Home Shift

Aug 21 by Alina Bizga

The sudden shift to remote work has revealed new risks that threaten the stability and integrity of company infrastructure. From the beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that the new remote workforce faltered in maintaining good cyber hygiene and security policies.

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