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Misconfiguration Remains the #1 Cause of Data Breaches in the Cloud

Apr 16 by Filip Truta

In a bid to stem the spread of COVID-19 and protect their business, companies are making a major shift to remote work. But their increased reliance on cloud applications is prompting deep concern among many IT and cloud professionals about the security of their environments.

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More than Half of Enterprises Are Not Equipped to Operate in the Cloud Securely, Study Shows

Apr 15 by Filip Truta

Most enterprises believe embracing the public cloud is critical to innovation, but few are equipped to operate in the cloud securely, according to a new report.

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How Effective are Security Operations Centers?

Apr 14 by Bob Violino

A lot of organizations rely heavily on their security operations centers (SOCs) to maintain a strong cyber security posture. But just how effective are these centralized units that are designed to deal with security issues on an organizational level?

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Remote Work in the Covid-19 Era: Cyber Risks Rise for Small Businesses as Security Budgets Dwindle

Apr 13 by Filip Truta

Business owners are concerned that remote working will lead to more cyberattacks. Ironically, though, nearly 40% of small business owners feel that economic uncertainty will prevent them from making necessary cybersecurity investments to prevent the very cyber incidents they fear.

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Don’t Underestimate Spam and Phishing Scams - Pandemic Gives ISPs the Job of SOCs

Apr 10 by Silviu Stahie

The COVID-19 epidemic has sent the world into a frenzy. With so many companies choosing to send their employees to work from home, the job of the security department has become all the more important.

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Ransomware Crooks Emboldened by More Payments, Experiments in 'Customer' Experience

Apr 10 by Ericka Chickowski

A new report out from CyberEdge Group showed that ransomware attacks broke the record books again last year as criminals were carried to more profitable highs by two new prevailing trends. The first trend is that ransom payers are more successfully recovering their data, which leads to the second trend, namely that more organizations are paying off the ransoms when they're attacked.

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How to Evaluate Competing MDR Service Providers

Apr 09 by Michael Rosen
  • Managed detection and response services vary widely so carefully evaluate competencies against your needs
  • MDR delivery and execution success depends on the service provider’s people, processes, and technology
  • Effective response requires game-planning pre-approved actions and escalations for foreseeable events
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FBI Issues Warning about BEC Scams Using Cloud-based Email Services

Apr 08 by Silviu Stahie

Business Email Compromise (BEC) scams are on the rise and have already generated actual losses totaling $2.1 billion in the past five years. Now, the FBI has issued yet another warning regarding the impersonation of a couple of popular cloud-based email services used in BEC scams. 

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7 Cyberattacks Against Pandemic-Stressed Healthcare Orgs

Apr 07 by Ericka Chickowski

It's only been a couple weeks since our team at Business Insights predicted that healthcare organizations would still be targeted by cybercriminals amid the COVID-19 outbreak. The prognostications are proving sadly accurate. Pandemic or no, healthcare cyberattacks keep coming—in spite of some cybercriminals' promises to the contrary.

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Amid a Major Skills Shortage, CISOs Are Turning to Security Analytics and Threat Intelligence

Apr 06 by Filip Truta

Studies focused on cybersecurity as a profession find each year that skills in the area are rare, and expensive at that. This year is no different. While IT leaders are starting to take steps to mitigate this issue, organizations worldwide remain at risk for doing too little, too late.

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Successful Ransomware Infections Surge to Record in 2020 as Victims Grow More Willing to Pay, Research Shows

Apr 03 by Filip Truta

As more and more ransomware victims recover their data by paying up, the extortion payments made to ruthless cybercrooks are motivating the ransomware industry, new research suggests.

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DoS Attacks in the Age of Remote Work  - Why Modern ISPs can’t Look Over Internet of Things Security

Apr 02 by Silviu Stahie

In September 2016, the United States internet infrastructure took a heavy blow that left many of the Fortune 500 businesses in digital darkness. The attack, initially pinned on a hostile nation-state, was in fact the work of teenagers wielding a botnet of about 100,000 IoT devices.    

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