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Bad Bot Traffic Is on the Rise, and Financial Services Industry Takes the Brunt

Apr 23 by Silviu Stahie

Companies with an online presence are directly affected by bad bot traffic, forcing them to divert essential resources to deal with a problem that’s becoming increasingly larger. Just in 2019, 24.1% of the entire Internet traffic came from bad bot traffic. 

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Third Parties Prove Persistent Healthcare Data Risk

Apr 22 by George V. Hulme

According to the Protenus Breach Barometer report, there’s been a steady increase in healthcare related data breaches over recent years. Last year, there were 572 healthcare data breaches within U.S.-based healthcare industry. That’s up from 450 in 2016. When it comes to patient records leaked, they rose as well, reaching 41 million in 2019 from 15 million in 2018. According to the report, at least since 2016, there has been one healthcare data breach reported a day.

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9 Challenges for Email Security Experts - Protecting E-Mail in Times of Crisis

Apr 22 by Angel Icusca

As the coronavirus pandemic forces enterprises to reshape their strategies, remote is slowly becoming the new normal. Platforms once united under a single firewall have now turned into scattered endpoints, and coherent threat defenses have to cover more ground than ever. While security experts struggle to keep threats at bay, one thing is becoming clear: your data is not safe anymore!

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Securing the Work-At-Home Environment

Apr 22 by Bob Violino

The new business realities created by the coronavirus pandemic include unprecedented numbers of people working from home or from other remote locations.

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Re-Imagine Endpoint Protection (Even if You Don’t Have EDR)

Apr 21 by Michael Weinstein

Enterprise endpoints (laptops, workstations, servers, mailboxes, etc.) have historically been a primary vector of cyberattacks that led to major security incidents and breaches. The latest Verizon Data Breach Investigations Report testifies that user devices were involved in 30% and servers – in 63% of data breaches. Ponemon Institute’s 2020 “Study on the State of Endpoint Security Risk” covering 671 IT security professionals reports that 68% of organizations suffered “an endpoint attack that compromised data assets and/or IT infrastructure in the last 2 years.”

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Surge in Remote Working Highlights Growing Need for Network Traffic Analytics

Apr 21 by Filip Truta

As bad actors ramp up phishing campaigns against remote workers, Chief Information Officers (CIOs) across the globe are finding that their employees are using previously undiscovered computing devices daily or weekly.

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Coronavirus Is a New Challenge for Cybersecurity

Apr 20 by Silviu Stahie

If you think the COVID-19 epidemic means a respite from cyberattacks against companies, you’d be wrong. If anything, the situation is worse, as organizations divert resources to other parts of the business, leaving their infrastructure exposed. And the proof of that is the flurry of attacks against hospitals.

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Misconfiguration Remains the #1 Cause of Data Breaches in the Cloud

Apr 16 by Filip Truta

In a bid to stem the spread of COVID-19 and protect their business, companies are making a major shift to remote work. But their increased reliance on cloud applications is prompting deep concern among many IT and cloud professionals about the security of their environments.

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More than Half of Enterprises Are Not Equipped to Operate in the Cloud Securely, Study Shows

Apr 15 by Filip Truta

Most enterprises believe embracing the public cloud is critical to innovation, but few are equipped to operate in the cloud securely, according to a new report.

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How Effective are Security Operations Centers?

Apr 14 by Bob Violino

A lot of organizations rely heavily on their security operations centers (SOCs) to maintain a strong cyber security posture. But just how effective are these centralized units that are designed to deal with security issues on an organizational level?

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Remote Work in the Covid-19 Era: Cyber Risks Rise for Small Businesses as Security Budgets Dwindle

Apr 13 by Filip Truta

Business owners are concerned that remote working will lead to more cyberattacks. Ironically, though, nearly 40% of small business owners feel that economic uncertainty will prevent them from making necessary cybersecurity investments to prevent the very cyber incidents they fear.

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Don’t Underestimate Spam and Phishing Scams - Pandemic Gives ISPs the Job of SOCs

Apr 10 by Silviu Stahie

The COVID-19 epidemic has sent the world into a frenzy. With so many companies choosing to send their employees to work from home, the job of the security department has become all the more important.

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