Nov 22, 2019

Let Bitdefender take care of your Business Security over the Holidays

The holidays are a chaotic time for everyone, especially small business owners. Not only are ...

Ransomware Threat Alarmingly High for SMBs as They Place Security on the Back Burner

Small and medium-sized businesses are still a top target for ransomware attacks, and the ...

37% of Ransomware Attacks Targeted Healthcare Organizations in Q3, Cyber Insurer Says

While industry reports claim ransomware attacks have dropped, cybersecurity insurance ...

Shellshock two years on – has your company forgotten about it?

It’s just over two years since a critical Shellshock vulnerability was uncovered.

Half of companies unnecessarily grant employees more access than needed

Although insider leaks and attacks continue to multiply, recent research found 58 percent of ...

Practical steps for strengthening your company's password rules

Passwords are a perennial problem. We rely so much on them to secure our company systems, ...

Tor vs. I2P – Anonymization and B2B Opportunity

The internet is a far stranger place than the average user gets to experience. It’s used not ...

How should businesses respond to the TechCrunch hack?

If it can happen to a website as popular as TechCrunch, it might happen to you too.

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